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  1. The universe cannot exist without a human being. For the simple reason that the entire universe is the spiritual state of the human Brain after death. The human body disintegrates, and the Brain passes into a Spiritual state and leaves the material Solar system.

  2. The universe perfectly existed without man,and man was needed at a certain stage of development for the Earth, as a form of life that processes the energy of the spiritual plane, that is, thinking.The Earth and Humanity are no longer separable: if the Earth evolves, raising its vibrations, then humanity is simply forced to do the same thing that is currently happening.If people do not correspond to the new Space due to degradation, then they will have to leave the Earth and reincarnate somewhere in other worlds of a lower plane, and those who are able to develop further remain on Earth,that is, there will be no low-level ones, murderers, rapists, parasites, scammers, etc.And the universe is teeming with life, of various levels and shapes.Eternal workers of the Universes-Souls who never tire of processing energy and raising the vibrations of forms and Worlds, and ultimately-the Universe.All material Worlds, and hence universes, are temporary, as auxiliary constructions.High-vibration Worlds are energy worlds.And we must eventually develop to this form,but there is still a 6th,7th and ,perhaps,8th Civilization ahead.We are developing too slowly due to mistakes.

  3. if the universe, like a billiard ball, rolls to its own pocket, set by the cue strike force, then why is this necessary, if at the time of the big bang the exact fatal end of the universe was already known. This can only be explained by the fact that someone lit a match to light a cigarette. Otherwise, this resonance makes no sense. Or the universe specifically creates the artifact “humanity” so as not to fall into the pocket.

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