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  1. I think it's a little early for me to answer this question. Life is the time, from birth to death, given to a person to learn how to control himself, his reality, learn to create and create in the world, without claiming the eternal right to own the results of his labors. And if you look at life from this angle, it is obvious that you can understand what the most important lesson in life was only when your time is up. For this reason,I feel it is too early for me to make such conclusions. What about you?

  2. Learn and teach everyone and everything around you. Because the “Battle with fools” can be lost. Be able to extract the necessary information. “Who owns the information-he owns the world!”

  3. Everything changes. Circumstances, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, people-everything is not forever. And the world is infinitely diverse – it even has something that it can not be.

    Nothing is permanent or permanent. And if now it seems to you that everything has collapsed and your life is over , then this is also only temporary.

  4. What you want may not work out. But if you don't try it, it won't work by definition.

    Seriously: I have not yet learned anything more important than this simple thought from my own experience.

  5. Perhaps the most important lesson life has taught me recently.

    And I came to the following important conclusions.

    First, there is no need to put anything off “for later”. This ” later” later may never happen again.

    And secondly, no matter how banal it may sound, it's better to do something that you really want to do, even if you are afraid/afraid/not sure of something, than to regret what you haven't done all your life.

  6. An important lesson is that we often live in an attempt to meet the expectations of others-parents, teachers, friends, children, we live in other people's thoughts, dreams and ideals, forgetting about ourselves, while we must live first of all for ourselves. Only when you are independent, self-aware, and happy within yourself can you make other people happy.

  7. That people aren't so different. In different parts of the world, people want the same things: to live in peace, work, relax, and raise their children in safety and prosperity. You can not divide the world into your own and others', as soon as you start doing this, even just in your thoughts – you will not be happy anymore.

    Don't get hung up on mistakes. Get up, dust yourself off, draw conclusions, move on.

  8. You should believe the premonition. Although, probably, this is the same side installation that prepares for the worst – if too often ironic thoughts pop up in your head about a well-developed situation, then it really is so ridiculous that it will leak out in the most unpleasant expectations.

    Never play with the feelings of others.

    Don't run after men you like.

    Make your inspiring dreams come true as soon as possible. Then they just stop inspiring.

  9. Never make important decisions under the influence of emotions.

    When it gets bad, don't forget that life is longer than one day (month, year), one friendship, one relationship, one job, etc.

    Get to know yourself and listen to yourself. And rely only on yourself, too. This does not mean that you can not trust and trust others. It only means that you always need to understand that if something happens, you are able to cope on your own.

    Don't stop developing yourself) Life experience, what you are – the only thing that is always with you and that is difficult to lose (unlike everything else).

  10. you can't run cases. they'll get their revenge.

    you can't think that something can't happen to you – it will happen. as Stephen King wrote, “God punishes us for things we can't imagine.”this is true, but I don't believe in God, and in my opinion, it is the fact that you are inattentive to events and do not take precautions, naively thinking “no, this is not about/for me.”

  11. You need to be able to stop and know the measure. Always. In alcohol, in friends, in fun, in work, in extreme sports. No, the truth is, of course, sometimes it can be fun to go a little beyond the reasonable – to pull yourself out of your comfort zone. But you can never completely lose control of a situation.�

    It's a controversial conclusion, of course, but I learned it when I got off with a torn calf muscle in an accident that could have killed me foolishly.

  12. The mind is like water. And thoughts are waves in the ocean of the mind. People are used to thinking that they are their thoughts. But are the waves really the ocean? No, the ocean is much more than the vibrations created by wind, gravity, etc.Just like the human mind. And like water-the mind comes in many shapes and sizes – some people consider the storm in their glass important, while others do not notice the massive destruction of the tsunami generated by their own mind. One thing is clear to me so far – for health, the mind, like water, must be clean.

    • Trust, but verify
    • Everything is relative in the world�
    • The ideal position is “observer”�
    • What happens around you directly depends on your own thoughts�
    • Art is the highest point of understanding all living things
  13. Never take out loans for consumer needs (for the purchase of apartments, cars, household items, travel, repairs, events, etc.). I was in credit slavery for 5 years. Lost: all real estate (several apartments), residence permit, rental income. Acquired: neurasthenia and constant fear of being on the street.

    1. What you want isn't always what you really need. For example, you don't have to be successful and have a large fortune to be happy.

    2. You should never jump to conclusions. All phenomena and events around us are ambiguous. Something can't be absolutely good or absolutely bad. Everything makes sense and has both sides at the same time. Also with people.

    3. The person is always alone. No matter how many people are around, and how close you are to each other. Still, no one will understand you or know you better than you do. Therefore, you need to live in peace with yourself: respect yourself, trust and listen to yourself, do not go against your essence.

    4. You always need to think for yourself. Everyone has their own vision of life and things, in addition, everyone can make mistakes and is wrong. Therefore, no matter how much authority and influence a person has, and no matter how “correctly” he speaks, you need to pass everything through your own consciousness: measure it with your experience and other points of view, reason and think out this or that truth yourself.

    5. Nothing is permanent. If this is the happiest time of your life, then you need to appreciate every moment, because it can end at any moment. But also, if this is the worst time of your life, don't give up on it, because it will also pass sooner or later. Everything changes.

    6.�It's easy to destroy, much harder to create. For example, it is easy to break off a relationship with a person in an instant because of some contradictions, it is much more difficult to consistently build harmonious relationships and find a compromise.

    1. The main indicator is the quality of a person's actions, not the depth of their thoughts or the beauty of their words.
  14. The most important thing is to learn how to change your habits meaningfully and purposefully. The rest will be added.

    I write because I suffer from the fact that with external success, I can not change my own, and as a result, the same thing happens every year, despite the change of external circumstances.

  15. That anything is possible. Even if it seems absurd, ridiculous, improbable right now, and it's certainly not going to happen to you , it's not. In two years, my life has changed dramatically several times, and what once seemed at least impracticable has now become practically my daily bread.

    And another thing: not all changes are for the better, but you can always get at least a minimal benefit from them or at least reduce losses to nothing.

  16. You can't get attached, because everything changes. This comes with time – the skill of adaptation.�

    Whatever happens in life, awareness and conclusions will come a little later, and you will be grateful for everything that was and was not. Over time, you stop feeling sorry.�

    You get to know yourself through others/through trial and error, so Live and Play more.

    1. Trying to control everything is an illusion based on the fear of life. So it's depressing.

    2. There is no then. Everything is here and now. And if you think that you will start playing guitar in a year, it doesn't mean that you are a future or potential musician, it means that here and now you are not a musician.

    3. Listen to yourself. Intuition rarely deceives.

    4. Not putting all your eggs in one basket is stupid and often done out of passion

  17. Never ask a question that you don't want to hear an unpleasant answer to.

    Seriously, if you're not ready to be rude or disappointed, there's no point in asking. Many times I have encountered that people after a certain dialogue left upset, expecting something completely different.�

    An elementary example:

    The girl asks the guy: “Why don't you write to me?”

    She is young and naive and does not understand that the young man does not care at all. In the case of an honest answer, “I don't need it” or “I'm not interested in you”, she starts to get hysterical, because she just wanted to play along, but gave her the truth

  18. In winning or losing, success or failure of any business, there are 3 main components. A person can achieve his goal by focusing on one thing, in the absence of the other two factors, and also fail, having the other two, in the absence of what you did not expect.�
    Experience �
    And the most important thing I've learned in my life is that the third factor is most important. I would even call it not a desire, but your spirit. The totality of your principles, life position and how important your success is to you.�

    “You can always step up, it's worth it to start from scratch once or thousands of times in your life. In other words, you don't lose as long as you keep fighting. And you lose when you stop dreaming” (c) Jose Mujica (former President of Uruguay)�

    “It's very easy to put your hands together and say' It's impossible.'”�

    “Nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.”

    “To achieve something, you need to go all the way.”�

    “You can do anything, as long as you want to.”�

    This is true, despite the fact that many people do not believe in these and other thoughts sounding in this spirit. We limit the possibilities of our “I” by being cynical, convinced of the injustice and cruelty of the world around us. Although we just don't have the courage. After all, it is thanks to courage and courage that a person is able to give the world a challenge and come out of the confrontation as a “champion”.�

    “Good luck accompanies the brave” (c) Alexander the Great�

    “Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow him. ” (c) From Braveheart

  19. One can certainly speak of the principles of dialectics,that nothing is given once and for all; that the world develops in a spiral, from the simple to the complex,from the lowest to the highest;about the unity and struggle of opposites.

    But I understood 3 basic rules that I still follow today:

    • People respect you as much as you respect yourself!

    • Strike the iron while it's hot!

    • Spoon the way to dinner!

  20. Our whole life is a game!

    Yes, this idea can be seen in various variations in the works of classics. But I came to her and accepted her only after my own research. In life, there really isn't much that's really serious, which means you can treat the rest easier and easier. It is useful in times of obsession with something or someone, or idle serenity, to remind yourself of this, sobering.�

    You can also (and should) fill your life with meanings, rules, and plans yourself. Otherwise, someone will “play” your life for you.�

    And most importantly-no one can confidently say that you live incorrectly. Everyone decides for himself how he copes with the main role of his life.

  21. One has only to think that something is clear in life – immediately there are contradictions. And all over again.

    Nothing is stable in this world. You can trust someone, of course, but it's not real.

    • Any activity is always preferable to inactivity.

    • Only a person who is not interested in power can cope with any power, with any excessive powers.

    • If you don't love yourself, it will only make you angry that others do.
    • I wouldn't want the only thing I leave behind after I leave to be cigarette butts, so I try to keep it clean and get creative.
    • The chaos in my head needs to be structured somehow, so I try to keep a personal diary.�
    • There is no greater value than the individual as such.
    1. Be kind to yourself.

    2. Everything is fleeting.

    3. Sometimes give yourself the right to make a mistake. Not always, but only when necessary.

    4. A person has no choice.

    You are not your body, you are not your character, and you are not even your thoughts. The definition of “you” is your psychological illnesses that distinguish people from each other. Cure them and you might even be a little closer to your true self.

  22. If something can be even worse-most often this is exactly what will happen.

    It is a very bad idea to postpone everything until the last moment, because it comes suddenly.

    It's better not to start anything at all than to give up halfway.

  23. Nothing lasts forever.

    Rely only on your own strength and abilities, but do not offend others with distrust.

    Love and appreciate: people, any weather and time of year, places, life.

  24. You might think I'm an asshole right now, but “We die from the moment we're born.”

    And alcoholics drink not because they want to be drunk, but because they don't want to be sober.

    1. No one knows what's best for you, and you don't know it until you try it.�

    2. Do not regret anything, if something happened, then it is necessary.�

    3. Be stubborn.

    1. The morning of the evening is more complicated. If you have a question, go to bed. Your brain will process the information, and you'll wake up with a ready answer.

    2. Trust yourself and your intuition. Don't listen to other people's advice. Tips don't work. This is your life, you know better what it should be. Intuition is the result of your personal experience. Listen to your experience. Try it. Each time, your intuition will work more accurately.

    3. Respect yourself completely. Don't fight yourself. Don't look for flaws in yourself. Get to know yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Don't divide yourself into parts: these are my advantages, and these are my shortcomings, and the shortcomings must be corrected. Do not dismember your personality, otherwise how to live with dismemberment? You're whole. Everything about you is connected. Accept and love yourself. This is the first step to accepting others as they are.

    4. Be flexible. Living-flexible; inflexible, rigid-dead. The living tree bends. If it dries up, it dies and breaks down. Don't be afraid to change your views and principles. Don't be afraid to grow up – it's great. Don't be afraid to give in to an argument. Do it for yourself, not for your opponent.

    5. Don't be afraid of anything at all. Be fearless. Accept the world. Only death is terrible. But to pass the exam, defend your rights, defend your point of view, get sick and recover, take a risk, make a mistake – it's not scary. This is life and it's cool.

    6. Friendship is important in any human relationship. Nothing else matters. Friendship is the foundation of love and family. Not infatuation, not sex, not leadership, not money, not the distribution of roles and functions. All this will be added if you are best friends and you are cool together. And if you don't, you'll howl in anguish and run away faster than you think. When raising a child, the most important thing is to be his friend and raise a friend. Not a babysitter, not a teacher, not a coach, not a dictator. Do not raise a helper, a slave, a performer of your unfulfilled dreams, a support in old age. You and your child are friends now-friends forever.

    7. Read a lot and travel a lot. Books and travel are food that helps your mind grow.

    8. Don't chase anything. Everything will come by itself.

  25. My most important lesson in life is that everything secret always becomes clear. When I was still a teenager, I realized this truth. Any lie, half lie, three-quarter lie – it doesn't matter. Always.

    1. You need to be able to put up, not cultivate resentment and anger, and look for the ability to accept and forgive. If a person is expensive, it's worth it. If not, you just need to save yourself from communicating with him.

    2. In a relationship, you should at least once ask yourself the question ” what is more important for me to be right, or to be happy?” After answering it, a lot of things become simple.

    3. Before you say something or plan to do something, ask a question,

    “Will it bring us closer together, create a sense of unity and Love?”

    If yes, that's fine,

    If not, ask yourself,

    “Why am I ruining this?”

    1. Life is too short to spend it on unnecessary people, uninteresting activities and trying to prove something to someone. Be able to get rid of everything superfluous in time, live in the present and appreciate every moment…
  26. Lesson 1: Help people�

    Somehow, out of nothing to do, I became a volunteer Wait for me. I searched hard, but found people who had already died. Up to one point. More on that later.�

    Lesson 2: Don't panic until you figure it out�

    My husband and I decided to have a second child. As expected, during pregnancy, I did a lot of tests. One of them pointed out the child's predisposition to Down syndrome. I was hysterical. For a more thorough diagnosis, it was necessary to go to another city, two days by train. I almost lost my mind. The doctors decided to take umbilical cord blood or something. For those who do not know, under the control of ultrasound, they pierce the mother's stomach with a long needle and take liquid. The operation is risky, as a consequence of a miscarriage. Especially a big risk for mothers with a negative Rhesus, like me. From the moment of preparation for the operation, miracles or signs, as I call them, began. On ultrasound, a 14-week-old child shows me his palm, as if to say Stop. After the operation, almost at the exit from the hospital, a woman calls me, to whom I wrote as a volunteer Wait for me and says that she is the sister of the man they are looking for and most likely his daughter is looking for him. As it turned out later, it was his daughter who was looking for him. Both were alive. This was the first living person I found.

    Needless to say, the super analysis did not work out, although this is an extremely rare case. I, having made a detailed ultrasound, which did not find any abnormalities in the child, weighing all the pros and cons, still decided to leave the child at my own risk. The thing is, I'm terrified of abortions. Not only that, but murder. So also the consequences of “for my rhesus”

    they can be deplorable. Infertility. In short, I left the child, prepared myself for everything.

    Bottom line: I gave birth to a healthy daughter, named Agatha (kind)

    Lesson 3, the main one: Faith works miracles, so see the signs and don't ignore them

  27. After five liters, the worst hangover in life.

    This is probably the most important thing I've learned in twenty years of my life.

    Don't do that, ever.


  28. It doesn't matter how much you've done, tried, helped, or supported. They'll make a conclusion about you at the slightest jamb. So don't strain yourself doing something for others. Do it only from the bottom of your heart, for your own sake.

  29. Time. The most valuable thing we have. Time is money. And money is good because it can buy someone's time. Use every minute for yourself, or sell your time to someone more expensive ( I mean, work, damn it!).�

    Live today, the future will come by itself. Time heals everything and changes everything. Time passes completely independently of our will, and yesterday will never happen again. Time is the only thing that cools even the hottest love, but it can strengthen friendships. If the situation is difficult, but there is at least a little time – you have not lost yet.

    If you don't want to have much time, don't do anything.

    It's sad when you realize that your time has already passed. The saddest thing in life is when your time is no longer needed by anyone and costs nothing. A child's hour is longer than an old man's day.

  30. 1. That willpower is everything-it is the core, it is the key to success.

    2. Your life won't work out if you don't start putting it together yourself

    3. Anything that didn't kill you didn't exactly make you stronger,it was supposed to show you what you should and shouldn't do.

    4. All changes in life begin with desire, and with yourself.

    5. NEVER put anything off when possible.Do everything you can here and now.If God gave you a lemon, then make damn lemonade and don't roll it over.�

    6. The whole world depends on your attitude to it,as well as above the state of envy on how you treat it.

    7. Good sleep is everything.

  31. For me personally, the most important lesson in life was understanding that all people are different, but equal. And that no one should be hated, slighted, harassed, or destroyed for who they are. Everyone has rights and freedoms, and these rights and freedoms should not be taken away in any case. I believe it was this belief that allowed me to make friends and acquaintances from a wide variety of social groups, religious and national communities. And I have to admit, I'm really proud of it.

  32. Nothing. My life may have been too short, but hell, I didn't learn any definitive lessons like the ones in the top answers: “don't procrastinate,” “don't be afraid to do something,” or “nothing lasts forever.” Sometimes there is no danger of putting things off for later, many things need to be done with caution (carefully considering everything) or not at all, even if you really want to, there are many things that are most likely not to change at least during our lifetime. Etc. Okay, well, I think I learned one lesson: don't make up any lessons for yourself.

  33. To forgive and not judge others.
    All the common truths we hear and absorb from childhood, but do not realize. The main thing that I realized by the age at which I am-you need to be able to forgive, but to forgive sincerely, not with all this husk, when you defiantly let go, but carry a lump of almost unconscious resentment, doing so out of generosity or posturing. Forgive for yourself, even if it is illogical in the situation.

    For those who are not tired of reading memoir stories:
    I had a best friend in high school. This friendship was everything to me, this person concentrated my entire universe in himself – so do not like a guy or relatives. It was friendship and solidarity at its best!
    She was the most beautiful girl in parallel, and I was so-so. I was constantly falling in love, and she didn't feel anything for anyone. Everyone liked her, and boys who preferred a twist to top characters fell in love with me (a moment of self-irony :)). But it never bothered us – I was smart and strong, and she was the decoration and soul of this friendship.
    I once fell in love with all the torments of a first love because he was just a buddy. She went on dates, politely rounding off the conversation until it grew out, because she didn't fall in love. So we lived for a couple of years until graduation.
    At graduation, I went to the restaurant where we had agreed to meet. Of course, I was going crazy because my love went to the prom with someone else, but it saved me that my friend was always there and definitely had to support me that evening.
    And then I saw it.
    I saw her walking past a restaurant with a guy without even saying hello to me. Not a single word or look in my direction during the entire graduation. She was completely engrossed in her companion, and it was clear that this was not a matter of a single day. This relationship matured and developed all the time that I shared my emotions with her, turned inside out, and she asked, listened, and never even hinted that she had sympathy for anyone.
    Outwardly, I behaved appropriately, but inside there was a teenage storm in all its glory ) I don't know how I ever got over it. For me, this was a betrayal, and the reason was not youthful maximalism, but sincere faith in a person who so simply showed distrust and set priorities.
    We haven't spoken since that graduation for 6 years.
    And then I saw photos from their wedding in VK.
    And by that time, so many years had passed, and I'd been in so many different relationships, that I suddenly felt the warmth that had once filled my relationship with her. And just in memory of this, I wrote “Congratulations, I'm really happy for you”
    I realized that her behavior was an attempt to preserve that fragile, still uncertain, but very real feeling between them – and she protected them as best she could! And I was released. In 6 years!
    She answered me instantly, we texted all night, and then we met up. We both cried like fools. I asked for her forgiveness and told her that I was choking on this stupid insult and that I was so happy to see her happy that nothing else mattered. And it was true, much to my surprise!
    After that, we rarely saw each other, because it was strange and because of adult life.
    A year later, she gave birth to a son by him.�
    And the situation repeated itself.
    Every time I saw that she hadn't just swapped me for small things, but had put her life together through this essentially stupid and petty act at the prom, I couldn't be angry or reproachful. Everything became very clear to me. And my own selfishness came out clearly.
    When I first picked up this baby, I was happier than young dads )) from that moment on, I became an aunt who came in with gifts, spent hours talking about old times in the kitchen; an aunt who walked in the park with a stroller, an aunt whom the baby loves as much as his mother once loved him and chose for herself from all the other classmates.
    I recently played with it – how big it is already! – and the friend said laughing: “My God, you're the only one who can keep him occupied, you're the only one who gets along with him like this, how do you do it? Although…it's you! I've missed you so much all these years. Please don't ever leave again. Thank you for coming back”
    And I didn't know what to say, because I was so excited about those words! My first person so dear in my life admitted that we really need each other, not at school, but in adult life.�
    In general, two adult aunts cry and cackle together, much more relaxed than they once were, discussing their lives.
    And this is the most valuable feeling – forgiveness for great pain-I cherish in myself. I stopped being offended by people and became much more honest about my feelings. This helped to break up with the former without scandals, not to catch up with nonsense with friends. But most importantly, I forgave myself! For selfishness, mistakes, past insults. It turned out that forgiving yourself is the most difficult thing, and she helped me do this – the same friend through whose forgiveness I realized that everyone has their own motives and their own way of building happiness, this does not always mean that the world that revolves around you, someone purposefully betrayed and destroyed.

  34. In order to live in peace in any society, it is necessary to bring concrete benefits to this society.
    What would be GOOD to live in any society – you need to constantly extract your personal output from those who benefit this society.
    And that unfortunately, calmly and well, the concepts are incompatible either one or the other.

    1. NEVER expect anything from a person in a personal relationship that they can't/can't/won't / aren't going to give you. Do not impose your vision of the world and some role. In other words, you won't be forcibly nice.

    2. Be always attentive to yourself, your health, life, and comfort.You are the most important person in your life. And don't be selfish.

  35. Probably, I learned that you don't need to waste your emotions or nerves on insults. This is completely unnecessary, because you only make it worse for yourself, then go and steam.

  36. The meaning of life should be to enjoy life! Otherwise, why live? Worry about something, worry endlessly.

    Life is short, fleeting, and it can end in a moment.

    And at the end of your life, you'll regret not living your life to the fullest..

  37. In the most important matters of your life – do not listen to anyone, only yourself, and what your heart tells you. Don't believe in cliche positions, people change, it happens.

  38. Many people have already written, but I will also leave my mark here.�

    1. You need to be very greedy. Before knowledge, before resources, before time.

    2. Don't waste time on the past. No matter how trite it may sound, in old age this time will be enough

    3. They are not afraid of loneliness. When a person writes a book or creates music, how many people are around them?

    4. Get rid of financial dependence as early as possible.

    5. Do not try to “perpetuate your name” and think about “global”.

    Everyone wants to change the world, but no one can eat a little less cookies before going to bed.

  39. Despite the presence of relatives, friends and close friends-you are lonely. Always.

    Never change to please a man – it's not worth losing yourself.

    No matter how long life may seem – every year it passes faster and faster.

  40. “Trouble comes when people rely on the future, become lazy, idle and let things slip out of their hands, when, after much deliberation, they postpone urgent matters, not to mention less important ones, believing that they can do them tomorrow. They leave one thing to one comrade and scold another for another, wishing that everything would be done for them, and if there is no one to help, they leave the task undone, so that soon such unfinished tasks accumulate a great many. This mistake comes from the fact that people rely on the future, which should be avoided in every possible way.” This was said by a very smart Japanese man back in the 17th century, and this is the very lesson that life teaches all the time.

    1. In any situation, keep your self-respect. Don't betray your fear or weakness. Climb the wall, but you must have an impenetrable look.

    2. Be honest. Not for the sake of others, but for your own sake. You'll have more respect for yourself. Lying is always weakness and cowardice.

    3. Do not strive for happiness and positive emotions. These are not as important things in life as they seem.

    4. Never mind how someone treats you. This is the most unimportant thing in the world) Think about how you feel about yourself. Do you know your own worth?

    5. Don't ask anything of anyone. If you don't die, just do it.

    6. Your time is precious. Don't waste it on things that don't interest you, and on those that don't interest you.

    7. Anything can happen in life, but as long as you respect yourself, as long as you maintain a sense of self-esteem, everything can be experienced.

  41. There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. Trials and tribulations don't just purify and make you wiser – you get to know yourself and appreciate yourself after them.

  42. It's not a big deal to lose, and sometimes you even need to.

    Extremely important lessons are taught in the first 20 years of your life, and everything that happens afterward is an examination of how you learned them.

  43. Rely only on yourself! No matter how much you trust a person, it's better to be safe, because you will do it yourself, no one else will do it.

    And this is a 140-character sentence…

  44. Everyone who knows you sees you differently.

    Everyone you know is seen differently by others.

    It is not necessary to judge a person who is in a company, either by words or by actions. In society, people wear face masks.

    It is not necessary to judge a person who is in the usual conditions for him. In such an environment, the model and style of behavior and speech developed by him, and, most likely, are not honest, are not authentic.

  45. That everything, absolutely everything, passes in our lives. Including her. I don't know what else to fill in the remaining space for characters. Ten more

  46. If you don't like something, drop it and walk away from it.

    Go your own way.

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes. And despite the fact that we with detsva drive-do not repeat other people's mistakes-nonsense. These are YOUR mistakes. From these mistakes you get your own, and only your own, unique experience.

    Try to write down your goals and ideas, it's the only thing in the world that's truly YOURS.

  47. If you want to achieve something-be sure to act. Empty dreams and endless construction of plans do not affect the state of things, everything must happen here and now, or it will never happen.

  48. No one is perfect, infallible, or 100% confident. Everyone is afraid of something, they hate something.

    Even if the person outside seems calm and indifferent.

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