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  1. Misconceptions. Delusions are the engine of my life, its fuel.

    Where would I go without them? I respect them, love them, and cherish them. I enjoy them just as much as Master Pushkin did in his time.

    Man himself is one great error, the error of God.

    Such a non-standard mistake, a creative mistake, from which different threads of life were drawn.�

    Yes, God, I think, is often wrong. Well, good, good, unmistakably wrong, to be more precise :). A person, making his own human mistakes, simply echoes him.�

    “Mine!!!” the Lord God cried out in amazement when He created the world.

    “Mine!!!”, the person happily echoes him.

    No smoke without fire. If there is error, then there is truth.

    But when you find the truth, you realize that this is not the truth, but another delusion.

    Exact sciences are not an exception, but rather a confirmation of this rule.

    Someone asks, and religion? Religion is also a mistake, I would say a correct mistake of human civilization. Why is it correct? Because it corrects the world with ritual and prayer, which are also a mistake, since they contain errors from their heavenly invariant. That is why prayer is valuable as a reminder of yourself as a mistake of the Creator.

    Not so much language as human thinking is tongue-tied.

    We live in simulacra, mistakes.

    And this, oddly enough, is a good thing.

    When you live a mistake, breathe mistakes, you realize that there is also truth.

    That the Buddha, as the Buddhists say, is always on the way.

    That one who can walk, as Lao Tzu said, leaves no footprints. Because every trace of you is an error, nothing more than a vector and a pointer. Because we need to go further, to the truth.

    Man is a walking cloud of errors. Such people as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Zoroaster, Plotinus, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, Plato, Aristotle, Kant, al-Farabi are, in the language of information technology, server error clouds that help you go in the right direction.

    And yes, the truth is also a mistake. That is why we need to strive for the truth, because our ideas about what really exists are only approximations to the truth, ways to the truth. For some, this path is spiral, for others it is dotted, for others it is zigzagged. Truth is a black box, where we all, from time to time, look through our hole-path, making our own trajectory of understanding what is.

    Truth is always absolute, only our trajectories of understanding it are relatable (relative), which, just the same, do not deserve absolutization.

    Everything you read here is nothing more than a mistake. My mistake.

    I wish you more mistakes. Your mistakes.

    Thanks for understanding.

  2. Interesting question. Philosophical.

    The reason for it is also interesting.

    It seems that the question was provoked by his own lack of understanding of the reference point in the main thing for the author himself.

    If you say from yourself, then the main thing in life will be determined from the point of view of the purpose of a person as such. But this question has not yet been answered.

    That's why you have to choose for yourself. And then you will either be caught up in the current of the society in which you will be brought up, or when you yourself will try to try to reflect and determine.

    Well, I realized, for example, that the family can not be the main thing. I respect this value, BUT:

    If the family was in charge, we would be unconscious animals.

    It means something else. The main thing is to understand what. So far, everyone seems to have settled on existentialism. Then it's up to you!

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