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  1. There are two approaches that should be used, in my opinion, based on common sense at the moment.
    1. The norm is something that corresponds to the natural and natural course of things.
    2. The norm is something that corresponds to the course of things that society as a whole considers or accepts as natural.

  2. To begin with, in the classical sense, the norm is the majority.

    I, of course, adhere to this understanding of normality.
    But for myself, I also highlight some criteria and consider normal everything that is useful for the person himself and does not harm others.

  3. Average value based on statistics. For example, you can say that being gay is not normal, without implying that it is bad. It just deviates from the norm of statistics

  4. In a general sense, the norm is parameters that do not go beyond the limits of acceptable, standard, average, or generally accepted ones. This definition can be used both for assessing the behavior, condition, and health of a person, and for a technical device, process, or phenomenon.

    The only problem is that it is not always possible to objectively establish these boundaries, beyond which “it is no longer the norm”. Even for vehicles. So, it's hard to say what camera resolution, processor performance, RAM, and battery life are the norm for a smartphone? You can only tell which values will clearly not fit into the norm – typical for the first, outdated models, on the one hand, and for the latest, top-end ones.

    Some norms (standards) They are fixed by legislative acts, government resolutions, and orders of ministries. Some are set by companies , but some operate in certain states and companies, and on their territory. There are international standards.

    The norm for a person is a subjective thing in most cases (perhaps, except for height and some obvious physical deviations). Is it normal to dye your hair green? For employees of the office of a reputable bank-no, for participants of some parties – the norm. Is 300 grams of vodka the norm? One person won't even feel a hangover in the morning, the other will immediately fall down and fall asleep…

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