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  1. Freedom of conscience also implies the right to create one's own religions. But most people hate anything new in any field, and the worst thing is if this field is religious. So get ready to get the full GRT of everyone, including police officers, investigators, prosecutors, judges, and so on. No laws are needed for this, since fear and hatred are the highest law. Well, plus, your new religion itself will be your punishment for you (this is in a different, higher sense).

  2. In fact, there is no penalty, unless of course you do not make some kind of financial pyramid under the guise of religion,or do not carry out other financial frauds,or make, for example, some fraudulent scheme in which your parishioners will rewrite their apartments and other property to you. If there are no such goals,in general,you can safely invent and implement your own religion. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: if this is a new version of any Old Slavic beliefs, you may well be charged under Article 282 – this was already the case with some rodnovercheskie organizations.
    And so you can try to compete with Scientologists and the Russian Orthodox Church in terms of capturing the minds of their religion:)

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