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  1. There is a funny point here that, despite the fact that Ayn Rand appropriated this word, it is “Ayn Rand's objectivism” that has a mediocre relationship to philosophy. Unless in a very broad sense, like the philosophy of fishing, etc.

    In fact, Ayn Rand's objectivism is an elitist ideology that allows the individual to rationalize the current situation (with the economic and procedural inequality in which he has achieved something, if we talk about the example of Russia, where Rand is quoted by some United Russia politicians). If you are interested in more details, then the Atlanteans were analyzed in this concise criticism.

    At the same time, oddly enough, other forms of objectivism are rarely spoken of and in a general sense, as an orientation towards the concept of objective reality.

  2. There are objects. If these objects begin to philosophize and write treatises, then this is the philosophy of objectivism.

    The concepts of subjectivism and objectivism were invented by chattering philosophers to engage in verbal leapfrog.

    If a philosopher starts inserting concepts like objective thinking or subjective thinking into his speech, run away from him. From such a grief-stricken philosopher, you will not gain any sense.

  3. Objectivism is a philosophy of rational individualism. Here are its main features:

    1. The world is known. The main means of cognition is the mind.

    2. Things, events, and personalities are evaluated without emotion, only on the basis of facts.

    3. The ideal political and economic structure is capitalism based on the principles of free competition.

    4. A person should live for himself, and not sacrifice his own interests for the interests of others. The ideal person in the philosophy of objectivism is honest, independent and self-sufficient. In his life, he relies only on himself.

    You can read more about the philosophy of objectivism in Ayn Rand's books: “Atlas Shrugged”, “The Source”, “We are Alive”,” The Virtue of Selfishness”,”Answers”.

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