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  1. The faceless ones 'philosophy is that we all, even if we just want someone dead, send our “order” to the universe. And it is performed by the hands of other people, who are just as much an instrument in the hands of God as we are.

  2. The Faceless Ones don't have any particular philosophy or ideology. They all, without exception, worship the Many-faced God and serve, fulfilling his will.
    Valar Morgulis – all men are mortal, Valar Dohaeris-all men must serve. This phrase is a greeting to the Faceless Ones and it says that any death occurs at the behest of the Many-faced One.
    Faceless people are a kind of hitmen who fulfill someone's orders, so the word “kill “for them is equivalent to the word”serve”. Therefore, the phrase “Valar dohaeris” can be interpreted as “all men must kill”, because “death” is a “gift” to the Many – faced god, that is, if you dig even deeper, “Valar Dohaeris” – all people must sacrifice to the Many-faced One.
    It would seem that everything is very tough, but the cult of the Many Faces is probably the most tolerant and democratic in the world of Game of Thrones in relation to other religions: The Faceless Ones consider all other gods to be the embodiment of the Many Faces (therefore they keep their statues in the Black and White House) and also in the cult of the Many Faces there is no concept of “sin”-the Many Faces accept a “gift” from all people.
    That's why Faceless People are so indifferent – they don't judge other people, they don't have their own opinions, they don't have anything of their own. They are nothing but tools in the hands of the Many-faced One. A kind of Faceless-perfect killers, able to eliminate the victim absolutely impartially, for them death is a given, which is why they are so afraid.

  3. I think the whole point of faceless people is to serve the God of Death. Good for this God-the number of dead=the number of living. If God wants to take someone to himself, no one can stop him. And if you do, please return it to the way it was. In a word, there is always a sacrifice and it is impossible not to make it. At the same time, everyone lives quietly, their own life.

    And as an organization in Braavos, the hitmen. Nothing special.

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