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  1. It doesn't take up any space. And this is for a simple reason-a person can neither know nor imagine infinity. The finite (the human mind) cannot know the infinite. The only thing a person can do is claim that infinity exists and give, at best, an example of, say, a squirrel in a wheel. Her journey is endless. Not even her, but an infinite number of squirrels, replacing each other on this running tape.

    Internal” awareness ” of the essence is impossible for a person because it requires infinite consciousness. Take thought – the fastest “mode of transport” for the human imagination. The compact galaxy UDFj-39546284 is 13 billion light-years away. Nonsense – a split second and we are already mentally there. And now infinity. Where will your thought go? She has nothing to cling to and stops powerlessly in front of the abyss. And eternity – this word migrated to us from Judaism, where it meant a period of time, the duration of which is unknown. And this is not an infinity in time.

  2. For me, the concept of infinity is a pure abstraction that has nothing to do with images. It doesn't have an image. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine it. This means that it can't take any place in the image of the world. This is a symbol. And only among the symbols does it have a place. That is, its place in the language.

    But language can also represent the world. Strictly speaking, the world is just a symbolic construct, in which there are such symbols as an image and an object. Someone narrows it down to a construction of symbols-images, and this is enough for him. And someone has enough of the construction of the world narrowed to the construction of symbols-objects. So we all live in different worlds, some in the objective, some in the figurative, and some in the symbolic. And only in the latter is there room for infinity.

  3. Infinity is some kind of abstraction, the inability to set the limits of the universe or the last number in mathematics.
    I do not perceive eternity in any way, because eventually even the sun will go out, and the earth may turn to dust, so that even nature will not be eternal in the end.

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