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  1. It doesn't make any sense. Absolutely. You create it yourself, for example-to do what you love. And this is photography/ sports/ cooking, whatever. And to do something that brings joy, you need to do small routine things (eat, go to work). When you plan your day and your life in such a way that you have time for pleasant things and meetings, when you focus on good things, there are no questions about meaning. You just think, ” I'm eating a delicious cake and a loved one is hugging me, how cool is it for me!!!(And let it be pointless)” So this very question about meaning is not really about meaning, but about how you can fill your life with what you love.

  2. You are talking about the phenomenon of “autopilot” or the principle of compulsive repetition, you should understand doing these monotonous, monotonous things why do you need it? mb is this your psychological refuge from something? insurance and habit? screen or frame from uncertainty? Here you should not look for “meaning” but set the function of this chain of actions that you do not expand or supplement

  3. Nothing.

    You don't have to wake up if you succeed.

    You can not do monotonous and monotonous things (if you do not need to eat, monitor your health and earn money to support yourself).

    You can spend your entire life lying on a bed (on the ground, on asphalt) if you do not feel hungry and bored.

    There is no meaning in life, Maria. We were all born for some reason, and for some reason we are afraid to die. This is an existential given, and everyone copes with it in their own way.

  4. What's the point of waking up every day

    It all depends on the goal in life. If there is no goal worth waking up for, then you should not wake up.

    and do monotonous and monotonous things day by day?

    It all depends on your approach. For example, even when I go to the shower, I set a goal to wash myself in a very unusual way… and I can do it. You can get high from any tasks if you change the angle and vector of perception and problem statement.

  5. It is hard for some to imagine, but billions of people before us “did monotonous and monotonous things day by day” for many thousands of years… The only exception was war. It was only in the 19th century that people began to realize that the goal of life is to engage in self-development. Why? It's just that many people have the opportunity to do something else. As a rule, they were residents of Southern Europe.

    But it is only necessary to settle a person whose goal is self-development in unfavorable conditions for him, as the process of obtaining daily bread will return him to doing ” monotonous and monotonous things day by day.”

    This is the answer to the subject — the point is to live by yourself and your family.

  6. There is no single answer to this question. On the one hand, any structured activity, as experience shows, leads to great achievements. It is justified in itself. You don't need to take everything to the absolute, but everyone understands that a schedule is a good thing. You need to see how tedious it is. I don't want to exercise in the morning. But my back will hurt if I don't do it. It's tedious, but necessary.

    On the other hand, if a person is engaged in all his life only tedious things — this is bad. The answer to this question is that tedious tasks are an unavoidable evil for doing something interesting. Repeated tedious tasks are necessary in order to do interesting things better. When I don't feel like doing boring things, I remember Brodsky's lines “every breakup begins with the will”: often following a routine is a self-guarantee of keeping from breaking up.

  7. perhaps the meaning here is the same as the meaning of being in prison – there, too, everything is monotonous and joyless. What's the point of incarceration? Punishment and education (primary education). It is sometimes difficult for a person to understand cause-and-effect relationships, due to the fact that he does not understand the laws of the world, its essence, the meaning of human life, the goals of Being, and so on. A person doesn't know where he comes from, where he goes, what awaits him after death, where the world came from, who created it, and so on. To do this, you need to go deep into “digging” – to get to the bottom of things, and I think that the whole life of a person is aimed at this. All because there is always a sense of meaninglessness of the surrounding life and the need to discover meaning.
    12 I, Ecclesiastes, was king over Israel in Jerusalem;
    13 And I gave my heart to search and try with wisdom all that is done under heaven: this is a hard task that God has given to the sons of men, that they may exercise themselves in it.
    14 I have seen all the works that are done under the sun, and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
    (Eccl. 1: 12-14)

  8. Either for the sake of survival as such (food, warmth, a roof over your head and maybe your loved ones) – or there is no external sense at all. Because outside of survival, we create all the meanings for ourselves. If you do not need to survive, create this meaning for yourself, look for something that is interesting and makes you want to wake up in the morning.

  9. You can immediately see that you are either a student or a working person, or maybe a housewife , and the meaning is very simple, if you do not perform these monotonous classes , your lifestyle will change dramatically ,and not just for the better .

  10. Here's what Vadim Zeland writes::

    Vadim Zeland: In answering this question, I will speak exclusively about my personal position. I can't speak for God or anyone else. I can only speak for myself.

    This person has no mission. Well,there is no mission. You�were born and�You can get into completely different conditions. You”can get into”such conditions that at birth from�You were rejected.

    Many people ask, let's say there is some kind of karma, how could God allow this? That a person was born and “abandoned” immediately. Imagine, a poor little man like that, helpless, defenseless, lying in a hospital abandoned by everyone. How could God allow this to happen? God, He is just, so he punishes a person, so there is some kind of karma.

    Well, have mercy… For example, there are birch seeds. There are “millions of them… and “they” are being thrown to the wind. Some seeds were picked up by birds, others fell on “fertile soil, and others” – flew on ” asphalt. Of these millions, if one seed has sprouted in the summer— then it is good. For one birch tree.

    Can you answer the question, what is the karma of these seeds? Plants are the same full-fledged living entity on Earth as humans. Don't imagine God knows what. You don't have any mission.

    You live to live!


  11. The answer to your question, in my opinion, is obvious. It doesn't make any sense. If you ask yourself this question, then you are not where you should be, it's time for you to change your job, place of residence, people. There are billions of possible life scenarios in which you can do what you want. There are people who earn money traveling, there are those who do nothing, but live a happy life, there are people who love their work and they know where they are going. These people don't have these questions because the point is to do what you want or what's important to you.

  12. For many of us, in fact, our whole life consists of tedious tasks. Because it is good, only where we are not., and in the approximate rassotrenie one boredom. And it's not just about breakfast and exercise. It is tedious in the original concept of “nudati” – to drive, push , force, hence the need-persecution. Therefore, boring ones are all the things that we do through don't want to. This includes sitting in the office, standing at the machine, and working as a driver … and so on because any work repeated from day to day is basically tedious. Only entertainment can be non-boring. I can tell you about myself . that the work of a restorer is very tedious if you are an easel operator. The whole day under a magnifying glass or a microscope with maximum concentration, regardless of the process, when you work on the “wall” there is more fun, but still you can not tear yourself away from the ceiling if you want to keep up the pace. But if there is a goal . then why not do it . Beadwork is just fun compared to icon restoration, but it's not profitable. Of course, you just need to force yourself to be distracted by exercises or other body movements, as well as in any sedentary work, so I change one boring thing to another and it turns out not so boring. )

  13. The meaning of life is complete self-realization. What it is – everyone decides for themselves. You may not be living your own life. You work the wrong job, you live with the wrong person, just because “it's the right thing to do.”�

    “There is such a word-it is necessary” – the most idiotic saying. Because “it is necessary” – not for you, but for someone else. Parents need us to get an education, start a family, and have children (in which they will play like little dolls in their old age), and not for us to be happy. Our other halves need us to work for them, take care of them, again give birth and raise children with them, and to the extent that they have assigned it to us, and not to make us happy. Friends need us to be a little worse off than they are, to assert ourselves at our expense, and certainly not to make us happy. The boss needs us to work 24 hours a day for his business, not for us to be happy. The state needs us to pay taxes and vote for whoever they say, not to be happy. And even God needs us to give everything for the sake of love for Him, expressed in the observance of a million impossible commandments, and not to be happy.

    At the same time, each of the above will explain that our happiness lies in doing exactly what he wants, and declare us a traitor and traitor if we do not obey him. So I don't even have time to wonder what I need to be happy. From myself, from my parents, from the other half, from friends, from the boss, from the state, from God.

    If you still realize that finding the meaning of life begins with an even answer to this question, everyone will explain to you that you do not have the right to ask them until you fulfill your obligations to everyone, which are determined by everyone.�

    The problem is that when life is an endless series of obligations, everything seems routine and you don't want to wake up in the morning.

  14. In the formation of a comfort zone. The brain is a lazy brute, if it gets the opportunity not to think, but to create a simple algorithm for daily actions and patterns, it will certainly use it. Going beyond the usual way of life creates stress – you need to choose new solutions, get out of the trance and actively respond to external stimuli. And your gray servant does not like this, but do not listen to him, do not let your soul be lazy)

  15. According to our philosophy, our whole life is meditation. Waking up every day and doing monotonous monotonous things, a person thus performs a daily ritual of poetic meditation. The poetry of this meditation is revealed when a person begins to see the potential behind the actual, the possible behind the actual, that is, he begins to perceive what is happening not as here-and-now-happening, but as something that can happen, but will never happen – it can always happen, as if in a dream, in this strange ghostly dream that we habitually call our life,�

    Look at the people around you – they are all living as if in a dream, but they are not aware of it, just as they are not aware of the ontological nature of this strange dream. This realization also did not come to us immediately-we had to develop a whole theory and philosophy, which, as it turned out, is only one of the projects of another philosophy. It is quite possible that this philosophy is just a project of some other philosophy. Maybe so, and maybe not. Anything is possible. Everything is at the will of the Possible. Everything is at the will of the Possible.

  16. You carry out monotonous operational tasks to maintain a more or less normal state. If you set your priorities right, allocate your energy, and choose the right goals, then this normal state will allow you to do strategic things. What, and how important, will their meaning be? These questions can only be answered by yourself, no guru can give you this answer

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