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  1. For me, in everyday life, the phrase “fundamental difference” is equal to “strong difference”. Or rather, I say this when I want to emphasize that these subjects are so different that it doesn't even make sense to compare them.

  2. This phrase describes the differences between some complex subjects. For example, the difference between two ideologies or methods. In general, everything that carries a certain principle.�

    When two objects being compared have differences in these basic principles and say: there is a fundamental difference between them.�

    For example, between the Bolsheviks and anarchists. The goals are the same (change of social formation, classless and stateless society), but different methods of achieving them. The Bolsheviks are based on the fact that class society is the source of the state, while anarchists, on the contrary, consider the state to be the primary source of problems in society. These are two different principles of vision of the same issue, which is why we say “fundamental difference”here.

    In general, the phrase has a rather large scope of application.

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