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  1. The anthropic factor. If the universe were less predictable, creatures with large brains and intellectual abilities would not find an ecological niche.

    Therefore, it is possible that we live on the edge of many parallel universes, where only very smooth and predictable perturbations have reached, which makes it quite predictable.

  2. After looking diagonally at Wigner's work with this title, I decided to share my opinion on this matter.
    Mathematical methods and mathematical modeling allow not only to operate with large numbers and perform many different calculations quickly, but also to correctly set tasks and predict the behavior of real objects or phenomena.
    According to one of my teachers, the two biggest consumers of mathematical methods today are geophysics and pharmacology. Indeed, it is impossible to quickly calculate, for example, the approach of a tsunami wave, its speed, height, and other parameters without building a correct model and creating optimal programs.�
    Modern biology and genetics can also not be imagined without mathematics, it helps scientists to make new discoveries and conduct more accurate research. There is even such a science as bioinformatics.

    “and it is quite possible that there is still some mystery that we have to solve.”

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