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  1. I think I am connected with the activities of the Higher School of Economics, or rather with public publications such as Vykhin's Critique of French Thought, etc. Philosophers simply fall into this trend, create communities with memes, and their ideas in this form spread among the unenlightened – people who are less distant from the topic see somewhat abstruse jokes and are interested in the topic in more detail.�

  2. I will answer on behalf of the younger generation. The interest in �philosophy is largely connected with a certain elite culture, which is now actively developing into a mass one. Take the much-worshipped Oxxxymiron, who is quite an authoritative, culturally significant figure for young people. He reads, then, “The Ivory Tower”: “After all, in this circus there are only two ways: suicide or stoicism.” Let a small, but still a certain part of the inquisitive listeners wonder what, in fact, stoicism is, who Seneca is, and then the unraveling of the tangle begins. Someone's interest will be satisfied with a couple of lines from Wikipedia, someone will read critical articles, someone will decide to read Letters to Lucilius.

    Not the last role is played by great public posts such as “Abstract Memes for the elite of all sorts”, the mentioned “Vykhinsky Critique of Philosophy”, “The Abyss of Book Comfort”, etc. In a cultural adolescent environment, it is shameful not to know fundamental things such as Kant's imperative, Marx's basis and superstructure, Montesquieu's system of checks and balances.

    To a certain extent, this is a fashion, but, obviously, not the worst possible one.

  3. With the need to leave posts under photos on Instagram. Even on this site, I must write at least 140 characters in order for my response to be published. My hands are drawn to quote Hegel.

  4. In ancient Greece, practicing philosophy was the business of those who had money and time, and was considered an elite occupation.

    It is necessary to understand that philosophy is the most general education that can be obtained. In the Middle Ages, this was called Septem Artes Liberates: grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. Back then, people believed that with such baggage, you can go wherever your heart desires. Now at the Faculty of Philosophy, first of all, they study history, the history of philosophy, logic, higher mathematics, sociology, psychology, ancient Greek and Latin, modern European languages and much more, which gives a person who has not yet decided on the meaning of his life a grain of understanding of the essence of being and directs him on the path he is destined for.

    You can put it more simply: philosophy shapes consciousness.

  5. Part of the interest of the younger generation in philosophy is due to the fact that youth falls on that part of life when a person is confused, when it is unclear what to do, how to be, who is right, what life is. Of course, these issues concern a person throughout his life, but youth is essentially the first step into independent life, and a person at this time seems to be learning to walk and breathe again. Until then, everything was decided for him: kindergarten, school, clubs. And now it's time to make independent decisions, and it's scary, it's difficult, because suddenly something goes wrong. What am I even doing in this world, why am I? That is why he is looking for answers in philosophy, trying to understand what is happening and how to proceed.
    But there is another reason why philosophy is so popular now: it is a banal fashion. Here, without explanation, everything is already clear.

  6. I would not say that the younger generation is so keen on philosophy. But if there is such a trend, I think it is due to the fact that people at this age are looking for themselves, their place in the world, trying to understand what the world is like, in order to decide how to live, what to focus on, what to proceed from, what values to put at the forefront. Such questions, of course, turn a person in the direction of philosophy.

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