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  1. Philosophy from the earliest times has been concerned with the study of questions about the divine –in Greece or Rome, or in India and China, philosophical concepts usually contained religious components. Some metaphysical (the problem of origin), ethical, epistemological (the acquisition of knowledge), or even political questions were solved precisely by turning to religion as a source of possible answers. In other words, religion and philosophy are strongly linked historically. That is why the name of our program also includes “history” – the philosophy of religion is virtually impossible without historical research. In general, the philosophy of religion is interested in religion as such, as a belief system, its metaphysical and socio-political problems.

    In general, all the world's key universities-Oxford, Princeton, Yale-have programs in the philosophy of religion or philosophical theology. One of the leading centers for philosophical studies of religion is Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), where our students go for internships. By the way, this year's graduate will continue her education there, and we hope to further strengthen ties with this university.

    In Russia, until recently, such programs began to appear quite recently, and until last year, until we appeared, there were no partner programs of a secular and religious university in the philosophy of religion, which would allow you to get a more complete and versatile knowledge of religion.

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