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  1. Whatever the role is, there must be a director. If you accept God as the director, then the role is to praise God, if the director is a universal mind, then the role can be anything, from conquering the universe to creating the necessary conditions for the next intelligent or non-intelligent species. And if there is no director, then it will be possible to judge only what role humanity has played and now there is no point in talking about it.

  2. A person is an explorer of the unknown, this is his role. Humanity is growing in its knowledge… at first, a person did not leave his cave, then his village, then his land, country, planet… it is time to reconsider the role of the Earth in human life. It's time to limit it to the role of a cozy home… no one stores waste in the kitchen, installs a diesel generator in the bedroom, turns the living room into a production workshop, or stores harmful materials at home. We need to develop space more actively, and turn the Earth into a residential area, because it can no longer withstand our activities )

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