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  1. “The Satanic Bible” is just the name of one of the writings of the founder of the first American Church of Satan (Church of Satan). Anton la Vey did not receive any revelation from hell, it was just that he was outrageous and opposed to social foundations and public taste. Intellectually, this is far from Aleister Crowley, and certainly not Ron Hubbard. His knowledge of the occult is below average, and his knowledge of paganism is generally minimal, but he tried to somehow combine them in order to get a basis for opposing the Christian foundations of society. This is an ideology that does not reach the level of religious and philosophical teaching. But his outrage attracted many rebels in the United States in the 1960s and 70s.


  2. The BibleAnton LaVey is a special teaching that is similar to the work of F. Nietzsche “The Antichrist.” The point is to develop the human ego, which will no longer rely on the authority of gods and men. Satan is a metaphor for resistance to stereotypes – this does not mean that anyone believes in him, because most of LaVey's followers are atheists and agnostics. It may seem that there is something dark and terrible in their teaching. That's not so. Read LaVey's work yourself. You will see that it fosters self-development and the breaking of dogmas/taboos. I will not call such a work something new or unique, but it is worth reading: what only the commandments of Satan are worth.

  3. first you need to clarify who Satan is, then we will understand that a certain “Satanic Bible” is the fruit of another sick imagination, however, Christians and those who revolve around them, as well as all sorts of esoteric mystics, this” good ” is in bulk and still arrives every day )

    Satan is the Angel of G-d the Almighty, who is given the power to accuse and test both individuals and entire nations.

    But unlike what Christians say about him as a slanderer, in fact, Satan always denounces in fact and, like any Angel, cannot resist G-d.

    Of all the creatures created by G-d, only one creature is given free will, and that is man, no Angel or spirit, who does not have such freedom and has never had it.

  4. The author is not a Satanist and does not try to offend anyone's feelings, thank you for your understanding!

    Outsider Satanists use the Bible texts by reading it backwards.


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  5. Our new constitution from the touch of which you can pick up an infection, and if you also read it, then not even an hour will bring all evil spirits to the light of day..A spell for lepers, not a constitution..This is the Bible for Satan.

  6. If you know the meaning of the word “Satan”, it will become clear why the Bible and the Gospel were distorted, the image of an old man with a beard was instilled, and atheism was invented. This word “deviated” and everything connected with it is done to make people deviate from the belief in the One God.

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