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  1. You haven't watched it, and you want to briefly clarify the content of the series? Or did you watch and not understand? In any case, the answer contains spoilers, who doesn't need it-run away)

    John Malkovich played the Russian oligarch Grigory Andolov in season 3 of Billions, from whom Bobby Axelrod will borrow several million dollars necessary for the development of his company.�

    At one of the preliminary meetings, Malkovich's character will tell Aksu a story from his past, which happened in Moscow on Christmas Day on Red Square. Standing in line for mulled wine, the author of the story took pity on the boy, giving him a warming drink, but took his mother out of the military cordon and left her among the soldiers, actually hinting that she “went to the hands”. The question that Grigory asks Aksu, who is dazed by the story, is: “What happened to the boy? (the moral here is assumed to be simple: I am a cruel and terrible tyrant, you should not joke with me, you will not return the money – you will be punished).

    Later, at another meeting, Bobby will guess that this is a kind of parable, and the hero of the story is a boy, this is Gregory himself: in his attitude to his mother, who did a lot for him. The moral? Honor your parents (here your mother) who sacrificed themselves so that you would become what you are now.�

    Why are they Russian? Well, what kind of TV series about millions now without Russians? It is difficult to remove a given thing from the world context, but a word from a song) And bandits always enliven the landscape, even NY.�

    The wildness of the story, however, does not justify it: the series has very bad consultants in Russian (if they were at all, they probably still don't care), because first of all, there was no Christmas in Russia then, in principle, only New Year's Eve; they couldn't pour mulled wine on Red Square (we only have soldier's porridge for nothing, well, theoretically mead now, but on other holidays); the cordon is also tin, fantasy, but this is how they represent Russia from there.

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