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  1. If the author of the question is not satisfied with the annotations, which are probably full, then I will say this:

    The book is about how any civilization develops and why an absolutely fair world is impossible.

  2. Try to read it )))
    Externally, according to the plot and plot, it can be perceived as a humorous thriller about medieval popadants)))
    The action takes place in the future on another planet, where there is a civilization whose level of development corresponds to the earth's Middle Ages. On the planet �there are secretly representatives of the Earth, the so-called progressors, who monitor the development of civilization and try to very subtly and imperceptibly direct this development.
    Well, of course, fights, adventures, intrigues, chases and a full set of medieval romance.

    In fact, it is a serious and multi-faceted book
    about what happens when the “greys” are in power, about love, and about the responsibility of a person for their actions, and in general about where the line is between good and evil, vile and correct actions )))
    As with any strong book, each reader sees and learns from it…

  3. The book is very good because it is multi-layered. You grow up, and as you grow up, you find new layers in the book. By the way, periodically rereading, I find parallels with many current events.

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