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  1. When you start analyzing the world order of our universe, many factors lead you to a very specific idea – our world is a computer simulation. Too many laws of physics are close to the laws in computer games to optimize maximum performance with minimal load on the equipment. But from the point of view of a simple scientist from Earth , we observe natural selection – exactly the interaction of matter within the universe, i.e., the interaction of matter within the universe. we must understand the most important thing – the universe did not begin to exist with the Big Bang (a very incorrect name), but existed “forever” and before it, and constantly cyclically “Explodes” and “Collapses”. But we do not know whether the Universe always begins to expand after the “collapse” with the same laws that we observe now. It is possible that in our cycle of expansion over time, the stable interaction of matter with the surrounding space occurred optimally in this way, but it is not a fact that this will continue with the further expansion of the Universe, because we already know the theory of “False Vacuum”, which calls into question the stability of all laws and constants in the space of the Universe and over time. Therefore, there are two possible answers – our world was thought out by someone or our world is such because we are the result of this random interaction and stabilization of the interaction of matter with the surrounding space over billions of years, i.e. just by chance from all possible variants of the formation of matter, our version turned out to be surprisingly stable and we observe this randomness How many times the universe exploded, how many times the universe was unstable at the stage of expansion, how stable the expansion of our variation is-all this we do not know, because our century is short, and on the scale of the universe it is necessary to think both in very small periods of time and in billions of years.

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