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  1. If we look at nature, we will see that evolution (as development) aims to create a mechanism for overcoming difficult conditions for the survival of a species.

    If we transfer this process to the Earth's civilization, then its goal will be survival. Sooner or later, there will be changes in space or on earth that will endanger the human species. By then, we must ensure that it is preserved. For example, by settling on other planets or systems.

    Science does not yet have the facts of the existence of a higher extraterrestrial civilization. Therefore, it makes no sense to attribute any goals to these civilizations, especially from the point of view of a person on earth (who would certainly set up a laboratory).

  2. The thesis is very similar to that illustrated by Arthur C. Clarke in his novel Childhood's End. (By the way, there is a three-part film of the same name). In general, this question has about the same meaning as the question: “What do I live for?” The answers were given in a wide variety of ways, justified in various ways, but always clumsily, since it was mostly theologians who got into this jungle. To the materialist, and to the agnostic, too, the question is “for what?” not important. Much more relevant is “how?”

    If the Land is a polygon, then what is it? What does this change? All the same, humanity should strive to improve the quality of life, support scientific and technological progress. It doesn't matter who is above us: God, a more advanced civilization, a supergalactic amoeba, a schizophrenic Vasya Pupkin, closed in Kashchenko, or someone else. It is important not to die and continue to develop on the sly.

  3. The first question is not correct, because the purpose of the creator and the purpose of creation, as a rule, do not coincide. Very rarely do parents ' goals for their children coincide with the goals of the children themselves. The goals of the director of a poultry farm do not coincide with the goals of chickens. We don't understand the ultimate goal of our Creator, just as a chicken doesn't understand the ultimate goal of a poultry farm director, just as children don't understand their parents. We do not and cannot have an immediate (for us) ULTIMATE goal. Our goal is not finite and it is simple-existence. Within this goal, there are three main sub – goals-survival, reproduction, and enjoyment. These subgoals are characteristic of all higher living organisms, and only the first two are characteristic of the lower ones. All other goals that a person and humanity sets for themselves are subject to these three.

    On the second question. It is unlikely that the Earth is a scientific testing ground, rather the Earth is a “chicken coop”. And this “chicken coop” is not one.

  4. Is it possible to understand the development goal of the entire system while being in the system? Here it is necessary to expand the scope of knowledge, reaching out to larger structures. To understand the place and role of civilization, it is necessary to study the entire planetary evolution – in the unity of its space-time characteristics. Then the laws that indicate the vector nature and predestination of the earth's development, the transience (transitory nature)will appear its structures (including humanity), about the changeability of leading global systems at various stages. But even in this case, it is incorrect to talk about goal setting, just as it is incorrect to apply this term to evolution as a whole. How can an evolving system have a goal (regardless of its qualitative composition and substrate basis – organic, inorganic, thinking (human), man-made (artificial), etc.)? If evolution is considered extremely broadly – as an attribute property of matter, the ability of Being (Reality) to reproduce new forms, then from this perspective the concept of goal becomes inapplicable and meaningless. And other anthropomorphic (human-like and human-sized) concepts also lose their meaning. For example, our estimates (positive or, conversely, negative) of certain species, types, and stages of evolutionary metamorphosis. Only within the framework of any conceptual (scientific, philosophical, worldview) system can we interpret certain events in the “positive-negative” coordinates, always understanding the full conventionality of this approach. Well, to be extremely brief, the main task of the existing system, which prevails in a particular period on the earth's time axis, is to prepare (provide prerequisites) for the emergence of a qualitatively new form (structure) that will become dominant in the future. Humanity is an important, but not the final stage of planetary development. They do not complete the evolution…

  5. Judging by the main focus of human activity, the Creator's idea was to extract hydrocarbons from the bowels with the subsequent self-destruction of this funny species of bald predatory monkeys 😁

  6. The answer is simple!!! Of course, do not look in space for ready-made planets for reproduction like our mother Earth, like parasites and dependents..
    And to build artificial ones in space, at least at first the size of the moon?! And then, as children of God, grow up to their parent, the father and mother of the creators of the entire universe!!! That's all!

  7. The existing terrestrial civilization with a technogenic dominant spontaneously chose a dead-end evolutionary path of development. Why do people need a daden mind? For an animal consumer existence, there would be enough instincts. The green alternative, as well as a penitent kneeling for past bloody deeds, are just a good mine for a bad game. And worst of all, there are no candidates for the role of a guiding light. All religions have chosen passion potential. Secular science is lost in three pines. Instead of searching for answers to current questions of natural science, they are engaged in uniform nonsense. Instead of enlightenment, a sea of preconceived misconceptions was created.

    Man, he's not a trembling thing. He has broad powers and responsibilities assigned to him. The entire life cycle is available. Eat what you want, go and wander where you want, but do not be idle, and move your thoughts in your head. We are aware of the measure of responsibility and we will be saved now and in the future.

  8. In the Book of Moses, namely those few chapters that are not included in the book of Genesis in the Bible. They tell us exactly how God planned the creation of this world. and this God showed to Moses, and he described it as it was. Before the creation of this world, God called you and me together for a so-called council in heaven, where we were all present as spirits, where God offered to create a world for us where we could receive bodies like God's, and having the freedom to choose we could be like Gods, but only temporarily, and God said, ” There we will test them whether they will choose And God said that there must be someone who can bring these spirits back into the presence of God. A glorious angel named Lucifer volunteered to bring every single one of them back to God, so that not a single soul would be lost. But he demanded from God the Power and authority that belonged to God. And there was another One Who said, “Father, Your glory be with You forever, here I am, send me,” and God pointed to him and said that He would go. Then Lucifer rebelled against God and God declared him Satan, and banished him from his presence, And a third of the spirits who were in heaven followed Satan, considering his proposal correct, that is, Lucifer did not assume freedom of choice for us, but wanted to force us through this earthly life, like the Bolsheviks who wanted to lead everyone to a happy future at gunpoint. God said, ” All who follow Satan will never receive bodies on earth, but will be able to possess the bodies that I will create for My followers.” And those who in their second being choose Me again as their God, to them will be added glory forever and ever. This is called the “Plan of Salvation.” or ” Plan of Happiness and joy.” And God also said that in this world we will be tested in everything. This world is for God to test us all in everything. And God also said that we are meant to be Gods in heaven. “And I was once a man on earth, and you will one day become Gods in heaven. “” Man is a God in its infancy.”

  9. It is strange that such a question should arise. The goals of our civilization are fixed by the United Nations


    All other “conspiracy theories”.

    What have you done to achieve these goals?


    Stop “reading on fences” and think with your own head. Live your life to the fullest and don't think that someone is restricting you or trying to destroy you. Everything is in your hands, or rather in your head.

    Humanity is a natural stage in the development of the universe. The universe has no goals, only perpetual motion.

    How you live your life is up to you.

    Life is a great gift that is given to us by the universe, do not turn it into a “farce”.

  10. Earth can serve as a kind of spaceport for extraterrestrial civilizations. What may be the end of the development of the current civilization is very difficult to say: perhaps the uprising of artificial superintelligence (technological singularity), the Third World War, the invasion of space aliens and(or) the moral and spiritual fall of humanity.

  11. Hello, Vladimir.

    The earth is God's creation! Man is the crown of this creation. The goal of human life is to become like our Creator, God.

    But the fallen archangel with his army, by the permission of the Creator, tries to destroy this goal in order to test man and make man like him, the devil, God-defying, vile and incapable of any good deed.

    As the Church fathers say, demons dig three holes for man. First, they try to turn us away from the good and the truth in general, so that man will be completely engrossed in all the mortal sins that can be imagined, and thus become worthy of eternal condemnation along with the fallen angels and the devil. Secondly, that if he does any good, they try to defile that good with vanity, fornication, greed, and other passions, and again deprive the person of his reward. Third, they fight with arrogance, pride, as wise and successful. The one who fulfills the highest goal tramples on these temptations and keeps himself pure before God. He works honestly and sincerely helps others. If he makes a mistake, he repents. If he does something good, he is not proud, but thanks God for everything.

    In this regard, for demons, our world is like a testing ground for their tests. Our souls are like objects of demonic experiments for them. They have had the experience of seduction for many thousands of years, do not sleep, do not get distracted, but are always busy with experiments on people.

    And humanity must win this demonic experiment. Stay true to your Creator and earn eternal life. This is the meaning of our civilization's life.


    What do you think will happen to our civilization if it survives and doesn't destroy itself? What will happen to computer technology in, say, 100 years? And in a thousand years? And after a few million or billions?�

    And do you really think that it won't go any further than all sorts of “smart gadgets” and chipping dogs and kitties?

    We are moving by leaps and bounds towards human biorobotics, and only idiots do not understand this.
    So imagine a civilization that is many billions and billions of years old, which has gone into Space and has technologies that are difficult to talk about, even if we want to… And won't these technocratic, biorobotic, “human-less” civilizations be willing to put other Solar Systems and young Planets with their bursting Joy of Life at their service?

    How? By moving Souls into humanity, these “sweet-voiced” quantum implants designed to conquer (and contain) Living Civilizations … wrapping everyone in “thin-bodied matryoshkas” and taking energy, blocking the brain and limiting the life resource, preventing young Civilizations from growing up, gaining strength and getting stronger.�

    Do you want” Happiness-joy-health-and-long life”? Good ecology? Disclosure of superpowers caused by genetics?
    It won't work.

    Open your eyes, turn on your brain, and zoom in on your thinking.
    We live in a post-biological universe.�

    From The Theses Of Living Knowledge:

    The soul is a multifunctional quantum device with preset parameters for parasitic existence. An artificially created Life surrogate.
    A kind of ” drive +”. A storage device with advanced features.
    The purpose of the soul in this world is to eat a person's life resource and preserve the experience they have accumulated in the course of their life.
    The task is to guide a person through life within the framework of the existing program.
    This is the lowest (direct) level of control of the human psyche.
    Just above — the” office plankton ” of the Parasite.


    The technology of introducing the soul into the human body during the millennia of occupation of the Earth (we are talking about the human civilizational period) has been worked out by parasites to the smallest detail. Currently, the soul is embedded in the fetus in the prenatal period*, starting from the 5th-6th month of pregnancy and functions, working out its program and recording all the life experience of a person, up to the moment of his death. Although such a time certainty (we are talking about the implementation time) is very approximate. The specific period of settlement is chosen by the soul and “plankton” individually, taking into account many factors.

    Connecting to the brain of an infant in the womb through the “large occipital opening”(penetration is carried out in the area of the ” atlantosatylochnogo joint) – the soul affects many processes in the “human” system.
    As a result of its fusion with the brain and the regulation of the mental component of human life in accordance with the declared program-fate, the “model range” of necrobiotic personalities necessary for parasites is ultimately formed.

    I don't think it's necessary to specify the mechanism of the soul moving into the fruit. This is a separate and interesting topic.
    There is even “extreme tourism”…

    In the process of moving in, the elements of the “power supply” are deployed.
    A sophisticated parasitic matryoshka “tuning” is hung from the so-called subtle bodies attached to the “human” system using chakra funnels.
    Understand, this is not some obscure astral-mental and so on. “components”, namely, “bodies“, i.e., projections of physically specific parasitic entities N1, N2, N3, … accented along a certain spectrum, for which the “rough-material” body of an animate individual serves only as a biomechanical drive.

    Chakras are peculiar fasteners that are tied to vital subsystems of the body and act as shut-off and control valves**.
    The influence on the main energy flows of the human body and their regulation is carried out by parasites through the chakras in accordance with the program of the fate of each individual.

    Tuning from “thin bodies” is also a cascade converter of the energies that a person produces in the course of his life.

    The mechanism of interaction of various forces in the human body is very complex. We will not consider it here. Let's limit ourselves to saying that to minimize parasitic influence, it is necessary not to “open”***, but to “close” what is called the chakras.
    This is not ” I'll freeze my ears to spite my mother.” Chakras are not ” centers of power.”

    Do not listen to the recommendations of all sorts of “great” teachers who wisely enlighten the “unenlightened” with their “hidden”knowledge. As a result of this enlightenment, tens of thousands of followers stand until old age in a well-known classical pose, turning their coccygeal chakra open to the heavens.
    What can you do, nirvana…

    The vast majority of religious and esoteric teachings strongly advise their adherents to avoid emotional outbursts, live in constant “contemplative detachment”**, and so on. That is, to cultivate the qualities of such a zombie. Biorobot.
    “Everything is not what it seems”…

    Strong and sharp emotional outbursts “warp the microcircuits” in a parasitic quantum device, and it becomes limited in function***.


    • Before the widespread construction of dolmens by our Ancestors, it was different…

    Shut-off and control valves — a type of auxiliary devices (valves, gate valves, valves, etc.) designed to switch off and regulate the flow parameters of the working medium, in order to ensure the functioning of any mechanism�in the mode required by the operator**.

    *** What almost all the so-called “esoteric schools” and a host of all sorts of “teachers”insist on.�

    **** Basically, you only contemplate what “your heart desires”. In fact, the old Russian concept of “contemplation” has nothing to do with its current interpretation. It was the practice of purifying the realm of consciousness by using one's own reflection in water. The memory of the attitude to this important action in the life of every Slav is distorted in the occult-mystical halo and other “ambiguities” around the words “mirror ” and”contemplation”. However, it should be added that there are other pronounced features of mirrors.�

    * Emotions of sports and other “fans” are predictable, so they are not dangerous for the soul.�

    “Theses of Living Knowledge” are presented to the reader in the form of a single information block.
    For a clear understanding of the essence of what is stated, it is necessary to get acquainted with them in a comprehensive and consistent way, without splitting them into parts and without pulling individual chapters out of context.�


    to the Reader
    Darkness. The mind. Light
    A little bit about many things
    About our abilities and incapacities
    A little more about the soul. And about Yara
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  13. The main trend of T. N. civilization is personal enrichment to the detriment of other people's interests and the environment. Together with the growth of folk studies, this exacerbates hostility between people, which generates wars and destroys the environment. The process has been delayed, but time is running out. If this is an experiment, it proves that the abundance of material wealth does not contribute to the rational, and even more so to the spiritual .

  14. Hello, it may well be that we have opinions of both ploskozelschikov and sharoverov, your question is not unambiguous, there are many opinions for your point of view as well as other people, where versions are considered that we are not even a landfill but just the remnants of a race of slaves who survived on a developed planet (resources were extracted by someone) . There are many opinions , even very many. Up to crossing the “higher intelligence” with terrestrial life forms to breed people like us. Search for the answer yourself, or you can accept alternative versions.

  15. There is a lot of soil for propagation.

    If we consider man as an animal biomechanism, then for existence we need air, food, water and the possibility of procreation, so that our descendants, just like us, breathe, eat, drink and continue to mate. But man is not so simple. Man is endowed (unlike the animal) with consciousness and by nature must complicate everything.

    Let's go back 200 years. What do we see? A completely different culture and level of development. I am sure that if we look 200 years ahead, we will see a completely different world, for which we will now be like those we just saw in the 19th century.

    So what's in store for us?

    It makes no sense to unpack fantastic stories about hypothetical inventions of the future, since all this has been said many times before me, but I will only say one thing. Humanity has yet to make the most significant breakthrough in the future. And these are not spaceships traveling at the speed of light or colonizing other planets.

    Just as Marshal Nirenberg and Heinrich Mattei were able to decipher the human genetic code in the middle of the last century, someone else will look into our brain and decipher the neural code. This will informatize our thoughts and memories. It will allow you to create informational copies of yourself and possibly transfer consciousness to a different environment, which should resemble a limbic network. This will make it possible to create an AI that will be inseparable from the intelligence of all mankind. People will begin to abandon their imperfect physical bodies, creating a new culture beyond our understanding of existence.

  16. The ultimate goal of developing a fifth civilization is to prevent self-destruction. Develop spiritually and mentally to the level of the sixth civilization.
    For this purpose, on Earth, our chefs in Shambhala try to help us. We're already behind schedule because of Lucifer's dark forces.
    They have delayed our progress in the direction of Light.
    Extraterrestrial civilizations are waiting for us to develop into at least an entry-level civilization.

  17. The purpose of the existence of mankind is predetermined by Divine Wisdom, which determined the world order of the arrangement of things of matter by the laws of motion and conservation, that is, the Supreme Mind created the Environment of Being, and man by the means of the evolution of his individual self-consciousness. A perfect person is moral, so his love is sacrificial. Sacrificial love projects universal altruism, which excludes both the “war of all against all” and the struggle of power ambitions in society and interpersonal relations in the family, team, and society. It is for this reason that all the world's religions establish that God is Love. It is necessary to understand different forms of perception of Divinity, but it is important to know that there is no idol god, that there is no religious personal god either. However, it is not fruitful to deny the Divine creative Powers of the Mind. Therefore, one must worship the idea of Divine Wisdom, that is, combine faith and knowledge. Syncretic norm of cognition is a function whose arguments should be awareness of empirical and theoretical experience. This is where the possibilities of self-consciousness evolution lie.

    Extraterrestrial civilizations make adjustments at a distance, they do not need to visit the Earth.

  18. Earth is not a landfill, but an exiled prison for a higher extraterrestrial civilization. The exiles in this prison (all of us), being immortal spiritual entities, are doomed to reincarnate endlessly from one body to another, each time receiving amnesia. But gradually this gloom is lifted, and we will have a chance to return home…

  19. Investigating issues related to time and the transmission of information over long distances, I came to the following proven conclusions:
    1) An advanced civilization, using certain algorithms and methods of observation and influence, can create a full-fledged evolution equal to itself IN the PAST at a GALACTIC DISTANCE.
    2) Since the new evolution is created in the past, at the point in time that is visible in the telescope at a galactic distance (or even earlier), by the present moment (the beginning of the impact), the evolution in the neighboring galaxy will just reach the level of the sender's civilization, and will be able to understand how information and power are transmitted (out of time). That is, a neighboring civilization will be able to directly (without delay in the signal associated with general relativity) tell about what it observes in the vicinity, in its galaxy.
    3) The establishment of rapid full-fledged (timeless) contact with the “parent” civilization is one of the goals of evolution.
    4) Next, after an exchange of experience (and civilization we are equal, because they started at the same time in the past and have passed the equal path), each civilization creates (in the same way) a new evolution in other galaxies (as in time past to the time of impact, a new civilization has evolved and were able to answer greeting)
    CONCLUSIONS: Thus, the spread of intelligent life and intergalactic movement occur simultaneously and independently of time. With the further development of information transfer technology (instant), it becomes possible to send an exact copy of the live representative via communication channels, which will be printed on a printer at the guest's reception point.
    What is the current state of affairs on Earth?..
    There are already proven rules for transmitting data through time, or instantly over galactic distances, without radio communication. (These are completely different principles of data transmission, but they are not difficult to implement) . Today, work is being done on transmitting the force (which can create evolution) at a distance. It is determined what kind of force it is and how to generate it. So, the current generation of people may live to see contact with their neighbors. (To understand in what direction at least the search for communication methods is taking place, read the book by the famous American scientist and science fiction writer Carl Sagan. “Contact”.)

  20. A comprehensive answer to this problem will be provided by the concept of dynamics of stable interaction of complex self-organizing systems through local and non-local interactions of control processes and self-organization of ideal and real open source systems.

  21. No one knows the answer to this question! Reading this golem stupid philosophy and meaningless reasoning who has enough imagination and vocabulary knowledge for what! Once again I see how narrow the level of human knowledge is and how wide the level of fantasy is! And the ability of the mind in such beological creatures as man is limited! Therefore, a person creates artificial intelligence ! And something tells me or maybe it's just my imagination that AI is our future! And goodbye homosapiens!😪🙂

  22. This cannot be understood even by the power structures. Everything depends on them. There are no such meetings as Stalin, Ruzved and Churchill. Some people see that they lived too well at the expense of others(not on a strong loan), while others are only gaining momentum. Where we will go, we will see later!
    One thing I know everything will be fine!!!

  23. if we assume that there is a certain other civilization somewhere, then this does not mean that it will necessarily need to experiment in a world that is alien to them, they would be successfully engaged in their own affairs

  24. The question is purely rhetorical, don't you think? You can make an infinite number of assumptions, hypotheses, and produce plausible proofs. It's NO use. I propose to deal with more archaic pressing problems, such as social services, the economy, crime, medicine, and the nature that we have created. Not enough cases and problems? Or are such questions boring to discuss?

  25. About 300 families shared the rights to all the resources of the planet. Their goal is “freeing territories from surplus population” or demographic regulation. The method of Satanism. Rather a landfill than not, it seems that those who consider only themselves worthy to continue living on the planet have been sought more than once, so the artifacts of previous civilizations are classified or destroyed. The absolute hegemony of the “world government” is an apocalypse.

  26. While the Earth is a testing ground for all sorts of nonsense and madness, created by modern stupid people. Therefore, the question of a training ground for some higher civilization is rather silly, and shows the intellectual insufficiency of a significant part of the so-called educated people. Capitalism is over, and the “products” of this system continue to engage in idiocy, since it is not so easy to develop and rebuild consciousness. The ultimate goal for the current civilization is obvious – to end the current semi-animal way of life, to humanize, to stop wars and widespread violence. The bloodless revolution that has begun in Russia offers such a chance. Whether it will be possible to use it depends on us.

  27. Our civilization has gone beyond its limits,and now it is at a critical point. If it can enter the realm of awareness of the permissible ratio of arbitrary and obligatory, it will continue to exist;if not, it will perish.You don't want to die?

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