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  1. “A samurai has no goal, only a path, and the path of a samurai is death”

    If a person knew in advance what all” this ” is organized for, then I can assume that for him the meaning of life would be lost because he may not be interested in this goal. Or the motivation would be lost, because if all of humanity as a whole works only to achieve this goal, then why should it strain and do something, if the whole planet is engaged in this, then it can cope without one person.

  2. The goal is not only for humanity, but for all life on earth and in the entire universe. Connect the spiritual world, the divine world, with the material world, our world! The spiritual world does not have the ability to fully influence the material world, just as we cannot touch, in the actual sense, the spiritual world. The key to this goal is to become the rightful owner of everything material that is entrusted to us as living beings. Only then will we be able to touch the Lord as an equal to an equal. And then, most likely, the “egg-sperm” principle will work and something incredibly new will be born!

  3. And there is no such thing as an “end goal”. After climbing the mountain, you can see new horizons and so on ad infinitum. Your question can be limited to the framework available to modern understanding, and then it will be possible to form certain answers: to realize that humanity is at a primitive stage of development and learn to start “at least” get along with each other and live without wars. This will allow us to free up huge resources in order to start setting and achieving some common planetary goals: the first city on the Moon, on Mars, on every available planet in the Solar system – which will allow us as a species to get out of the cradle and turn into an intergalactic civilization. And then… it is pointless to talk about it now, until the top of this mountain is reached.

  4. Still, I will not restrain myself and write not a bunch, but a few philosophical thoughts about human existence.�

    Man in the evolutionary process has acquired its most important property – intelligence. And, as many say, this is what distinguishes it from other living beings.�

    Are we, like ants, subject to the womb? No, we can overthrow any dictator. Do we follow the pride leader like lions? No, we have the right to choose our own leader and even do without him. Humanity has evolved for millions of years. When a person stopped evolving physically, he began to evolve mentally, socially. With each new generation, the son knows more than the father. During the time of slavery, no one would have thought that in hundreds of years his descendant, using a small machine that we call a “computer”, would be able to contact a person on the other side of the earth, find out any information, listen to any music, enjoy your favorite movie genres and work not every day, but 8 hours a day.

    With intelligence, we can move away from the words “survive” and ” adapt.” Undoubtedly, these points are key, but that's why we are the people to overcome these processes and do something more ambitious. With the help of reason, we can overcome our own vices.

    We don't need to know the “great goal” at all, we have it – to create and create in the name of preserving our tiny planet, its biological diversity, and improving the lives of all people on Earth. End wars, most of which take place for the profit of a narrow circle of individuals. Start creating good living conditions for each person not on certain pieces of land, but all over the world. Systematically expand our knowledge of the universe, move forward science and technology.

    These are not abstract concepts or utopian arguments, but a reality that is worth moving towards. And, of course, all of us, without exception, need to come to understand that we are part of all kinds of aggression, violence, predation, because of which only a few feast and the majority suffer, because we do not care what is happening.�

    So, the ultimate goal is to transform, not go with the flow, eliminating any end of human civilization that depends on us.

  5. theoretically or in practice ?

    theoretically – in the further development of Bionic life.
    this is a very predictable vector path.

    but in reality, it is a dump of organisms that do not understand their place in the world
    and are at war with each other because of their inability to build a peaceful social structure.

  6. You can, of course, write a bunch of philosophical thoughts, such as exploring the universe, becoming a superman, etc., etc. But the only thing that can be said for sure is to survive and adapt. Just like any other biological creature. What we will do along the way – communicate with extraterrestrials, create masterpieces of art, improve our physical and mental abilities – is not important. Ultimately, the essence of this is to survive and adapt to what nature and society itself offers us. I am not saying that there is no great higher purpose. It's just that we won't ever know about it.

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