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  1. Nothing.

    It seems to a person that there is a meaning, because he WANTS there to be a meaning. What for? To complete it (the purpose) and get a “cookie”. But we need details and techniques, and so, ahem, ahem, “instructions” appear.

    Can't believe it? Sure. You are “inside” the breeding instinct, so it is very difficult for you to intuitively assume that it is meaningless, since it is the most influential part of your reality.

    A huge part of your life is driven by this instinct. Therefore, most people will never accept this obvious idea, but will invent anything just to continue to hope that the meaning is there and that they know it. (Or know someone who knows).

    Bottom line:” the meaning of life ” is a game invented by a person in order not to think about sad things.

    This is about the general meaning. But personally, you can come up with or choose any meaning for your “reproduction” and implement it. Of course, the feeling of “daddy cookies” will disappear, but you will learn to bake your own “cookies” and give them to yourself as much as you want.

  2. In such a question, we should turn to the human unconscious attraction to life, according to Freud. It should also be taken into account that according to Freud, a person is a social being, naturally having the qualities of interaction with a team and organizing joint activities, and egocentrism and individualism are a destructive property of the individual. Based on this, we can conclude that the process of reproduction is a process of satisfying existential needs and it is also an unconscious drive to life, which has an antithesis in the form of a death drive (necrophilia), but this is a different path.

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