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  1. Here the question about a beautiful body is answered by representatives of atheism (secular humanism), Orthodoxy, Buddhism, Freemasonry, Judaism, Slavic paganism, theosophy, Thelema, and Krishnaism. You first select one of the answers that are close to you, and then find out who it belongs to, and get access to video comments, as well as help on all relevant worldviews.

  2. Is it possible without a scientific point of view? Harmony in relationships, in the surrounding space create comfortable living conditions, but this is important? Not only perfectionists, but everyone is happy when they are surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful people. Harmony also adjusts the mind to an adequate perception of the environment. Everyone has their own concept of beauty, and when we see something beautiful in an unfamiliar environment, our hearts warm up and things go better. We reach out to people who like the same things as us, we trust such people, we consider them in some way related, close. Beauty allows a person to open up, awakens imagination, creative motivations, encourages him to create beauty himself. Something in the lyrics hit…

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