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  1. In life itself, bro. Life is valuable in itself. It doesn't have any deeper applied meaning. Life is not for anything. She's already a value. Just like that, without any additional conditions.

  2. To understand the value of life, it is not enough to read someone else's answer on the Internet. Someone understands it when they stand on the stage and see the eyes of the admiring audience. Someone when they realize they've made a scientific discovery. Someone, when prevented trouble. Another, when he sees that his work was useful. Someone when they win a competition. Someone when calling their favorite people for dinner. Someone who wakes up at 4 in the morning from the cry of a baby. Someone when he got himself food and water for the day. Someone when they beat the disease. Someone who catches snowflakes or soap bubbles in their mouth. The value is in each person's ability to be happy.

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