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  1. Critics of Christianity (and two other Abrahamic religions) have a popular question: if God is good, why is there evil in the world? Some even see it as a concrete argument against the existence of God. This question is often called the “theodicy problem” today.

    This is not a problem for theology. There is the doctrine of original sin, according to which the fall of Adam distorted human nature, making it sinful, and this sinful nature is inherited by all people as descendants of Adam. And sin is the source of evil and human suffering.

    Critics ' answer: if God exists, he must prevent evil.

    Answer of theologians: the critics ' arguments are that God is obligated to deprive a person of free will and freedom of action.

    The philosopher Godfried Wilhelm Leibniz (the same one who is also a mathematician) published his thoughts on this subject in 1710. His essay was written in French and was called Essais de Théodicée sur la bonté de Dieu, la liberté de l'homme et l'origine du mal-An essay of Theodicy on the goodness of God, human freedom and the origin of evil. It was in this work that the term “theodicy” was first used, consisting of the Greek words “God” and “justice”. But Russian-speaking critics of religion have translated it not as “God's justice”, but as “God's justification”.

  2. Theodicy is an attempt by people to justify God (theos – god, dike-justice, judgment). Theodicy attempts to answer the question: If God is so good and omnipotent, why does evil exist in the world?

  3. True knowledge about the existence of GOD is like salt in the ocean, because without salt, the ocean would not exist. Like a star, you can ignore it or laugh at it, but it will always shine, this is the answer to your topic. bye!!!

  4. Ask Tyurin (speaking surname) about this, I'm talking about something else : “the religion is Christian, there is pasudstvo !” – Grand Duke Svetoslav Igorevich replied to his mother, Princess Olga, when asked to convert to Christianity !…I believe Him.

  5. If this world were the final destination and the “finished product” and then there is nothing and only longing, illness and death, then questions to God would be reasonable and His very existence would be questioned, but if we assume that man is not destroyed and continues to exist and this is just a period in his life, then these questions disappear by themselves…You don't need to make yourself more merciful than the Creator…I wonder what a person will present to Him about all those who suffer and are killed when they appear before Him, and all these “sufferers” are happy next to God?

  6. Consideration of the issue does not make sense without an agreement on a single concept of evil for all involved.

    Someone “evil” – only for good.

    For example, someone takes a step closer to achieving something, but at the same time several insects, plant sprouts, and a myriad of even more “protozoa”have stopped their life path under their shoe.

    Consider the concept of “evil” from the perspective of each of them.

  7. there is no such thing as theology. there is an underdevelopment, a wrong understanding of the world around us. and then there is verbiage and demagoguery. and all this is relevant to the topic.

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