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  1. There is no death.It's made up and nothing more.”After” is hidden from public access.What happens after death you can study,but these are just words and information on a sheet.You must know it.You don't know what you're asking ! Like you've already figured out what death is and now you're wondering what comes after it? This is absurd!

  2. From the point of view of an atheist, there is really only corruption and nothing remains but the memory of posterity.

    Various religions offer their own scenarios of the afterlife, the most famous of which is the Buddhist “Tibetan Book of the Dead”. It contains a detailed description of the states-stages (bardo), through which, according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a person's consciousness passes from the process of physical death to the moment of the next incarnation (reincarnation) in a new form. Special recommendations are provided for each stage. The total duration of the bardo is 49 days.


    The general ideas of Orthodoxy are well expressed by Professor Alexey Ilyich Osipov of the Theological Academy


    There is also an occult-philosophical point of view. It is most fully described in Alice Ann Bailey's Death is a Great Adventure


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