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  1. Our ideas about time are relative. Time as an entity is connected with matter, with which a person connects the reality of existence. The property of time – duration, which is expressed by a person in time concepts, shows the ultimate, finiteness of universal forms, the essential foundations of the world.
    The approach that expresses the infinity and infinity of the world's manifestation has a timeless character of the world, which is constantly changing in connection with the development of human cognitive ability.

  2. For me, time is something incomprehensible and unnecessary – a kind of global deception that forces you to believe that familiar things are changing. I am one of those who do not understand the change: boy nick first met in the sandbox in kindergarten is мальчик_Коля_в_песочнице_навсегда, and I just hang out when blatant Dembele in beret Kolya attempts to substitute this picture in my head. An event occurs only once: being is a scattering of eternal moments. The first image in which a thing once appeared to you is its absolute revelation, and its true form, and all the alleged changes are provocation and Photoshop. And another thing: there is no development, alpha and omega are one, in any beginning there is immediately completion, end, decay and a new rebirth – they do not” come in turn”, they”go in the same compartment”. So-called time is a clumsy attempt to imagine a foregone conclusion.

  3. A certain resource that allows you to bring your ideas to life, both in terms of work, recreation, and hobbies. Of course, resources, according to the classics, are always not enough. It seems that 24 hours in a day is somehow not enough.

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