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  1. There are several approaches to understanding the idea of “truth”. In particular, we can distinguish several concepts of truth: correspondent, conventional, coherent, and pragmatic. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

    The corresponding concept of truth is the variant that best corresponds to “common sense”. According to this approach, truth is the correspondence of statements to the “real state of affairs”. The problem with this approach is that, first of all, not all statements are statements about the “real state of affairs”. For example, mathematical statements are true only in the sense of their logical connection with specific, arbitrarily chosen axioms. But it's not just about math. The main problem with the correspondence concept of truth is that in order to compare a statement with “reality”, we postulate a metaphysical concept of “real” and, of course, we must first know what this “real” is.

    Thus, the corresponding concept of truth always rests on a certain metaphysics, and it cannot resolve the metaphysical debates themselves. For the Hegelian, the “real” is the Absolute Idea and the dialectical laws associated with it, which are revealed in speculative philosophical research. For the materialist,” real ” is the material, sensually perceived world, which is understood by empirical methods. And for a Mahayana Buddhist, only shunyata, the state of emptiness experienced in meditation, will be real in the strict sense. Each of these positions has its own metaphysics; thus, the epistemological question of truth is transformed into a metaphysical question of “true reality”.

    But perhaps the biggest problem with the correspondence approach is not even that, but that we rarely use it in practice. When we read in a textbook that “Everest is the highest mountain on Earth,” we accept this statement as true not because we have tested it, but for some other reason. The remaining concepts attempt to describe these other causes.

    According to the conventional concept, truth is the result of an agreement. For example, scientific truth is the result of a consensus between scientists at a particular stage in the development of science. The conventional concept emphasizes the importance of dialogue, and the truth is the result of the involvement of a large number of people who bring their knowledge and unique perspectives. Achieving the truth, in this case, is a process of constant dialogue and convincing others that they are right, and the reasons why the most fundamental propositions of science are recognized as true, as a rule, are non-empirical: these may be considerations of simplicity, beauty, convenience, etc.For example, an important factor in accepting Copernicus ' ideas was initially not so much their higher accuracy (before Kepler, heliocentrism was not more accurate) or practical utility, but rather the simplicity of his model

    The coherent concept focuses on the logical correctness of statements. From the point of view of this approach, what is logically correct is true and does not contain internal logical errors.

    The pragmatic concept, in fact, rejects the concept of truth and offers instead to operate with the concept of”utility”. Instead of talking about the truth of certain statements, we should look at them from the point of view of their usefulness. For example, Buddhist meditation can be useful for finding peace of mind, and scientific theory can be useful for building, for example, an airplane. Then, within the limits of their goals, they will be true in the sense that they ensure the achievement of their goals.

  2. Truth is the reflection of reality in consciousness without distortion, adequate to what it really is. Either adequate or not, everything else is false.The truth is either in the understanding or not. There are two polarities in judgments and statements – either True or False.

    The truth is needed to make an effective decision. All life is a road of solutions. That's why it's such an important thing.

  3. Truth is something that is more voluminous in time relative to the current perception. And what could be more voluminous — the time of perception of your life? Of course, the concept of eternity comes to mind.

    Regarding the illusion of consciousness that we call dreaming, the truth is the rest of the perception time of our life. Regarding the time of our life, truth is the entire time of existence of being.

    But everything that exists in time is impermanent, and therefore everything that exists temporarily cannot claim the honorary title of truth. Static eternity is something that was, is, and will always be beyond time, and therefore, the truth can be called such a state of consciousness as non — existence. Such a logical conclusion can be made based on the principle of the predominance and immutability of truth.

    Source – On the nature of “objective” reality.

  4. The truth is the truth. It is necessary in order to be true, Because lies are the lot of Satan, and Jehovah condemns lies and lies. Be honest, and Jehovah will help you

  5. Someone knocked on your door. You opened the door and were scooped up and charged with drug possession. Exactly the ones that you just pulled out of your pocket. You're naturally terrified. “I've never seen marijuana or LSD before. But the guys don't care. You face up to 15 years of strict supervision.

    If you imagine such a scene, you will answer your own question better than I do.

  6. Behind blind faith, behind disbelief and skepticism, there is a lot of false morality, a lot of erroneous concepts, false respect.

    Morality depends on habits, place, and era. What is moral in one country is immoral in another. And what is moral in one epoch has become immoral in another epoch.

    It is absurd to say that every truth is only half true. The truth is radical, it either exists or it does not exist!

    It is absurd to say that TRUTH refers to time and that what was TRUE at one time is no longer TRUE at another time. Truth can be known through direct experience.

    The mind can only express an opinion. And opinions have nothing to do with the truth. You can experience the TRUTH only when the mind is calm, when the mind is still.

    Teachers, schools, colleges, and universities should teach students inner meditation.When the mind is calm, empty of thoughts, desires, opinions, etc. , when the mind is quiet, then the truth comes to us.

  7. The truth is confirmed by life experience.

    I am what I am not without. I=0. What is zero? It's all. And nothing. At the same time. I called myself knowledge. And I believed it. And now I infect everyone with me. Who fate brings me together with. The essence of God.

    I am God. I am my name. I am your name. I am our name. We Are All One.

    Who are you? This is your life. The truth is confirmed by you. You are Life.

  8. Truth-does not require proof, it is completely logical and therefore obvious. The opposite of truth is authority based on false values: scientific knowledge, traditions, and prejudices.

    The Gospel of John. Chapter 8, articles 31-32.

    31. Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him, ” If you continue in my word, then you are truly my disciples,

    32. and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

  9. Every day we solve complex problems with the choice of truth.

    We decide how to put a comma correctly.

    From the most primitive truths like:

    • having a fight (with your mother, husband,…) can't be reconciled
    • you can't wait for lunch to eat
    • You can't quit.

    up to the most important (front pages of mass media):

    • For Navalny it is impossible for Putin
    • You can't wait for vaccinations
    • You can't play for Ronaldo you can't play for Messi


    And the meaning of a correctly found Truth can seriously affect both our health and financial well-being.

    Well for example you didn't get to the bottom of the Truth “Why does your tooth hurt? And what should I do? snatch can't be treated.” And put a comma in the wrong place.

    and as a result of a mistake, you lost a tooth! And 60 years earlier than it could still serve you.

    And if you are just as careless about the truth in a year and in 5, then you will soon eat only porridge or you will have to buy new teeth instead of a new Mercedes.

    And not everyone can buy a Mercedes, but only those who guessed 100% of the truth in their work. Or guessed the truth with the choice of a husband, or with the choice of parents.

  10. What is truth?… Good question. No, it's not weird and the most interesting thing is not rhetorical. We can only imagine what we know about. Further, this will be a statement that has no contradictions. If you have any questions, you can object, but not unfounded without proof.
    I will not draw parallels in categories without giving an unambiguous result, using the relativity method. But as for the truth, I have another non-trivial source.
    To begin with,:

    The truth can't be the truth.
    There are philosophical theories that identify illusion with truth. So it is believed that what we know now is not what we knew in the past, and even more so will not be what we learn about it in the future. Therefore, truth as such does not exist and everything is an illusion. The truth is that all our knowledge can be an illusion, and therefore the truth can also be an illusion…. Let's try to find the truth in a different way.
    “a qualitative synonym for the word truth may be true.” How can this be?.
    The word “true” always implies truth, but not illusion. The meaning is NOT true, consists of two words, True and Not. That is, the existence of non-truth depends directly on the existence of real truth. And not the other way around.
    Therefore, an illusion cannot claim to be true or true, since plausible information about such a source as an illusion always depends on its new consequences and as a result of our inferior perception, we can only observe the consequences coming from the previous source. Simply put, an illusion is not a source of truth, but only a consequence of the previous source. However, with all this, we determine the direction of the wind source based on the place of its descent. That is, the source of the illusion for us is a transformed object. We are used to not going any further in search of the cause. The search for a cause is stupid and ignorant, as the great Hegel teaches us, for example. But if you take the side of ignorance, then:
    “Truth” can only be a source that is independent of its effects and is itself the first cause of all illusions for us.
    Let's try to go from this side and see what it gives. True, oddly enough, can lie in the following dimension. Let us illustrate that any source that is not a consequence of transformation, but transformation always comes from it, independent of its consequence, as a complete whole, the expansion of itself and its energies, is always individual, distinguishable, not repeated and unchangeable, then such a source can be safely called true. However, you can also object here, if you think more deeply. What's the catch?
    In the case of only these reasons, we can find out that the closer we are to such a source, the more qualitatively and quantitatively increasing it changes for us, therefore the source of truth can even be an illusion, change, increase, etc., has all the opposite properties of true aspects. But it will be so only for us, it is always unique and at the same time, as a unity of opposites… Truth is both Comprehensible and Incomprehensible. At the very least, this line of thought may not exist without foundation.
    This concept may seem wrong to you. However, no object of matter, for us, has absolutely all such properties at once, even if we try to apply them to a tangible object, indistinguishability will always be the opposite of distinguishability… Unity of opposites. Distinguishability, a true phenomenon. The illusory, not the discernible, is always the result of an illusion, but it is all there at once. Both, one single whole. These are the complete parts of the complete truth. Such a non-trivial approach to the principle of the universe is very parallel to quantum mechanics and physics. A shadow cannot be its opposite-light. Moreover, it depends on light… And if any consequences affect the quantity or quality of the perceived light, then such light is not true. A shadow is always a small amount of light. It is both a part of the whole and a separate being. Again the full part, the full truth.
    If the principle of the universe is not like this,
    that is, the true cause is always only dependent on its effect(identical), that is, the source in the absolute sense only always depends on the effects that it creates, then it would be possible to justify all criminals and send them all to freedom. That is, there is no true source and relativity (trasformation) can be entered into the absolute or taken for faith. Then you will have to take the void for another source, zero for the truth, and goodbye to quantum physics, quantum mechanics, the macrocosm and the thesis “We can only imagine what we can know” will have a completely different meaning. Everyone will consider themselves the source, there will be anarchy, chaos, where everyone will have their own relative truth, with which you can ignore the Nobel Prize monster of quantum physics Eugene Wembley, the founder of classical physics, the deist Newton, will be our creator (which happens because there is no difference from which side to relate), and armed with the difference, Einstein will be the author of the
    So the truth will always be an illusion; for many, the truth will always remain an illusion in many aspects. However, if we take relativity as the moment of transformation of the source, then the reason for any illusion becomes clear. Relativity will never be the cause. Bottom line, “all of our empirical research is relative and not true. There is no truth there, and every pseudo-truth is unprovable.” In any case, we take the last discipline of philosophy-ethics, morals, morals and spiritual values-as the basis of true rules… You can't argue with logic, but the dual scheme of unity and identity works in all areas), Now multiplicity ignores the laws of nature, or identifying itself with the complete whole, tries to create uniqueness. Uniqueness is now considered to be the number of people who want to have it. A new concept – brand.
    This illusion comes from the fact that we perceive shadow and light as true dualism, because we cannot correctly and fully understand the source of uniqueness. What is false is that uniqueness seems to us to be either the opposite or the source of transformation of another reality.
    A special feature of the non-trivial method of perception of truth is that the truth is an independent source. It is possible to logically represent and understand it only based on the knowledge about the source that we have now. As an incomprehensible difference and unity of opposites. Putting the eternal as the true counterbalance of the eternal.
    P.S. Energy conversion is a recognized fact. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

  11. The truth is that man cannot live as a man without God. “Stay in Me and I in you, without Me you can do nothing.”John 15: 4,5.
    This is the main Truth.
    The commandments enable a person to act in accordance with the Truth. It is the measure of all our actions, actions, and intentions. Truth is the instrument by which a person gains spiritual vision. A person armed with this tool gains the ability to distinguish Good from evil, true from false. He becomes visionary. Clothed in spiritual truths, a person easily comprehends the paths leading to salvation not only in eternity, but also on earth. He can see in people what they carefully try to hide from others : deceit, pride, laziness, greed, and many others. A person armed with the truth can easily see the intentions of others. No evil soul can escape his inner gaze.
    And if a person constantly extracts Truths from the Word and acts in accordance with them, then he becomes wise. This protects them from mistakes and disappointments in the future.
    God has enclosed all truths in the Holy Scriptures for our salvation, for they shed light on the human mind and enlighten it. And living according to them, a person attains eternity, paradise bliss.

  12. The truth of our world is known only by its Creator.

    Man only tries to know it.

    The truth of the virtual world created by man is known only by the person who created it.

  13. “Truth” is literally what you have to look for,

    because even if it is located within the field of vision (or understanding)

    it turns out to be hidden or indistinguishable for carriers of certain features of subjective perception…

    “Epistemically” – some information that explains what it is relevant to.

    Every time I read statements about truth, I notice a substitution of the concept. For some reason, no one proceeds from the uniqueness of the concept denoted by this word, ignoring the meaning that follows from the sound “something that an individual is looking for independently or together with his own kind.”

    Instead, people talk about the established tradition of substituting the problem of finding the truth (information that explains what it relates to) for considerations of “conformity”, “fidelity”, “reliability”, “truth” and some “comprehensive” impressions…

    Truth defines forms that are NOT logically understood, because it is not the logic of reasoning that determines the truth of the meaning of the results of these arguments. Logic makes the form of reasoning “correct for understanding”, only forms the reasoning, but the meaning to which true-logical reasoning leads can reflect what was not taken into account in the original logic…

    M. Mamardashvili put it this way:

    Truth cannot be obtained as the final link of inference or proofs, it can only be (as Socrates understood and Plato practiced) in a certain sense induced (but not in the sense of logical induction of the type of conclusion), inspired. It is necessary to confuse a person's head in such a way that he simply jumps into the truth out of desperation.

    Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, 11.

  14. Philosophy implies the study of the object of research.

    If we do not know the answer to the question ” What is Truth?”, then we should ask other philosophical questions, for example …

    What criteria or parameters of Truth are known?

    Determining the criteria for Truth will allow, if you do not find the answer to the main question, then at least cut off all incorrect assumptions about “What is Truth?”

    Several such basic criteria are known:


    1. Absolute
    2. It is one and indivisible
    3. Unchanged
    4. Unknowable
    5. Intangible
    6. Indifferent to everything that is not herself
    7. It's the same for everyone

    Here are a few Truth parameters that can be used to determine whether or not certain assumptions about “What is True” are true – and if this or that assumption does not meet at least one of these criteria, then it is not true and you should continue to search more thoughtfully, correcting the direction of your thoughts.

  15. More precisely, apparently, what is a person? And how should he live in the Truth? The truth is actually life itself! The grace factor of movement and creation.Existing in the intersections of time, and comes out…That a person is interested in the Truth as such, any form that leads away from the Truth … just makes existence unnecessary, and meaningless.Which is confirmed by the most True!!!

  16. First, about what it is not needed for. Family, health, money, business, fame, success and fulfillment. All this is real and without truth. It is enough to be like everyone else and do the right thing, the right thing, and be better than others, be smarter or popular.
    Now about what it is used for.
    Science, technology, and manufacturing. Without the truth, well, no way. Otherwise, mistakes, loss of time, huge losses.
    Hence the sad conclusion. People don't need the truth. Or, only smart people need it

  17. Truth is the perception of the world around us with the help of the senses by all involved in perception. Don't write too long. Brevity is the mother of perception.

  18. I know the answer to this question, but no one will like it. And many people simply will not understand it, because of their ideas about it. In the English dictionary, the word “Truth”is what it is. This is the definition. But, what is there really in this world? Everything we see is a confirmed illusion, as it is woven from the space-time elements of the creation of the universe. This word is an allegory and its root is the source. Now think about it, is the source the beginning or the end? The water flowing from the spring evaporates, rains, collects coolness and salt of the earth and returns to the source and then in a circle. This allegory says that a person is born, lives, grows old, and goes to another world, where he is renewed and returns to this world again. And it is Man who is the truth, and everything else has nothing to do with it.

  19. The truth is how everything is and happens in reality, and why! It is necessary for your life in body and mind to be full and joyful until the death of the body. And life in general, in turn, through you could fully and beautifully manifest itself in the creation of all sorts of interesting things and phenomena.

  20. The Hebrew word emet, often translated as “truth” (as well as “truth”), can mean something solid, reliable, unchangeable, true, true, or indubitable. John 3: 21 says:”But he that walketh in righteousness cometh to the light, that his works may be made manifest, for they are made in God.”.In his word, God said that he is the God of ” truth. He is faithful in everything. His promises are reliable, because he can't lie. Numbers 23: 19″God is not a man to lie to, nor is he a son of man to regret.Will he say and not do? Will he speak and not do it?”(Synodal translation)

    God judges according to the truth, that is, according to the actual state of things, and not according to appearances. Everything that comes from God is pure and without flaws. His judgments, laws, commandments, and words are the truth.They are always correct and have nothing to do with unrighteousness and sin! Because God is perfect in all His works. This is the truth!!!

    If people lived the truth, then everyone would be much happier!!!

  21. This question periodically arises before each person, what is the main thing in life, what are the priorities in the foreground? The older generation passed the priority school in the USSR. The first place has always been the Motherland, Equality, Equality, Fraternity all over the World!

    Only God, the Supreme Intelligence, was not on the list. And there can be no truth without it!

    Truth determines the Spirit, gives Spiritual perfection, determines the purpose of human life in the material world, and through Truth, through God, through the knowledge of God, and ensures the achievement of just, righteous, social relations!

    Truth is an exhaustive and reliable knowledge about the structure of the universe, about the Canons of Eternity, about the Creator as the Supreme Governing Force, about man and his involvement with the Creator and what awaits him in the Future…

    There is a transition to a New Era of Aquarius, the Era of the Spirit, and Faith in God, in the Cosmic Mind, comes first! Humanity must make a decision to live by the Rules of the Cosmos-the Commandments, the Canons of the Eternity of the Cosmos! Otherwise, it is doomed to perish.

    The word God is included in the Constitution of the Russian Federation on July 01, 2020, and this is not an accident!

    Only with the Creator can Russia have a Future!

    Understanding the Truth, and therefore God, is the knowledge of the structure of the Universe, the Canons according to which the Cosmos lives, the acquisition of Faith in God, Love for Him and His works by a person! Become Happy, accept the Creator, live according to the Canons-HIS Commandments!

    Learn more about what is True here:


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