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  1. My most favorite hero in this game: Rhasta-Shadow Shaman! It is in the first DOTA that he is the best, his funny accent, humor, just amazing! And the appearance fits) And the best thing is, he is very strong, he strikes enemies with lightning(POWERFUL AND THERE ARE MANY OF THEM!), turns enemies into roosters(real chickens, to be more precise), binds the enemy with a FIRE NET and of course summons an army of FIRE SNAKES! Wonderful hero, it's a pity that those pleasant evenings are already over.

  2. In my opinion, the most interesting hero in Dota is Rubik. First of all, because you never get tired of playing for him. This hero is moderately difficult, but despite his frailness and lack of mobility to blink, he can make a huge impact in all stages of the game. After 430 games on Rubik, I still want to play for him again and again. But don't take this hero against Tiny or Viper, these bastards will kill you first:)

  3. Real cats play for support teams or extreme solo hardliners. Selfish carries go to the forest, and in the literal sense: to farm. For nightingales and supports, it seems to me that the gameplay is much more interesting, when how to sweat ~40 minutes, taking out your precious items is not very interesting to me personally.

    From the favorite and placed as “favorite”-Phoenix (foreign, for which pofarmil a little bit and fly to do double kills on the lines to teammates, from the late aitems-Taraska, Sasha with Yasha and other aitems on raytklik and tolstota), Enigma (taking out blink dagger and the 7th level at the 7th minute in the forest and, again, gank like an animal, and correctly placed blackhole in the mix 5na5 will make you catch an orgasm of ALL your allies at the same time), Dark Sire (you don't even need to farm for it, just hang a shield on a passing creep and that's it, you and harass milish opponents and the gold gain is normal. Again, you run, gank, set your eyes, help the team win, in general), Dazl (god of saves and generally a great guy) and venomancer (who can do -5 with a combination of ult+1 skill and then just raytklik with one boot in the inventory).

    Well, the invoker is still a little bit, but I'm 3.5 mmr garbage, so I don't know how to play for it well. But it's a very good feature – in general, you can swing at anyone you want: at least in a pusher, even in a support, even in a carry, and so on with approximately the same items, and at the end of the game in general, your pumping does not matter, you can change your tasks for yourself during the game. And if you have a void in the party, then this is 100% death to enemies in the chronosphere and not only (emp in the dome will not get only very much krivorukiy, at the beginning of the game chronosphere+sunstrike=kill, alacriti is great for entering for a larger number of dps, meteors-snaps-tornado-blasts will help to sell enemies andor slowzadizablyat them to make it easier to get chronosphere), in general, these two heroes are created for each other (invoker can go to the foreign Ministry with an exort or support via vex-kvass on the line to the entrance, but most often it is better to go to the foreign ministry of course).

    P.S. What does the “philosophy” tag do here?

  4. Other heroes prefer Mortred-Phantom Assassin. Beautiful and mysterious, she makes dozens of graceful kills every match. Well, if of course they give you the strength to gain:)

  5. As such, I probably don't have a favorite character, but there are several characters that I play with more pleasure than others. The list includes: Pudge, Windranger, Anti-Mage, Earthshaker, Enigma.

    But if you choose a favorite, then let it be Pudge.

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