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  1. A holistic philosophy has not yet been formed, but it is periodically formed and then destroyed, like a house of cards. The crisis is just some kind. But there are a few axioms that are always true, and we must strive to live up to them:

    1. Carpe Diem-Catch the moment, live the second. Find positive moments in the current situation and enjoy them. Be grateful that you are healthy, that you are breathing, that you have an apartment/favorite job/cat, people often get used to the good, taking it for granted. This is just an illusion that we “have time”, so we need to act.

    2. As mentioned above, nothing is absolute. “One of the most common misconceptions is to think that people are good, evil, stupid, smart. A person flows, and he has all the possibilities: he was stupid, became smart, was angry, became kind, and vice versa. This is the greatness of man. And from this you can not judge a person. What's that?” You've judged, and he's already different.” Tolstoy

    3. There is no special “meaning”, so you need to make your stay on this planet as pleasant as possible for yourself (preferably without violating the rights of other people), find your life's work so that it brings joy, or just do what you like as often as possible – ride a bike/travel/read/take photos, whatever.

    For fun

    the planet is ours

    poorly equipped.


    pull it out


    for the days to come.

    In this life


    not difficult.

    Make a living

    much more difficult.


    4. And finally, there are few things in this life that deserve long-term frustration, certainly not what the boss yelled at or stepped on the foot in the tram. You should try to forget about this as soon as possible, and remember that if you mess up yourself, most people will forget about it in a couple of minutes (all people are busy thinking about themselves).

  2. My philosophy of life is a reworked version of Marxism by myself, supplemented in lacunae by what I consider to be the best propositions from other philosophies that fit seamlessly into Marxism. Among them, for example, Epicurus, Montaigne and others.

  3. I am now 17 years old, and at this stage I am still an inexperienced kid who has not yet been broken by life. However, I have often wondered how I should live. I have read some literature on this subject, and of all the ancient philosophical movements, stoicism is the closest thing to me. I have formulated 3 rules for myself, which I try to adhere to. Here they are:

    1. Don't try it. This is an epitaph from the tombstone of the American writer Charles Bukowski. I advise you to read it. The point is not to try, but to do it. You either do it or you don't. You either are or you're not. I never try to be someone else, copy someone. I'm not trying to avoid problems, fear, or hatred. In other words, I don't try to control every part of my life, because it's impossible. We must accept life as it is. I don't care about what I can't control.

    2. Do everything you can to feel alive.

    Note, not “happy” but alive. Life doesn't just consist of good things. To feel alive is to go your own way. If work is always a burden, if relationships are annoying – it's time to stop it. Success can only be achieved when you like what you are doing. The path itself is the goal. Get involved in sports. Stop drinking. Follow the dream. Meditate. Stop living like an amoeba.�

    1. Only care about what is important to you.�

    It's pointless to worry about everything. Choose good values and goals. Stick to them. Remember that you are mortal. Memento mori.

    Just like that. Maybe I can do something with this attitude. Who knows, it's my choice…

  4. I'll start with a short introduction : My childhood ended at the age of 13,when I left my native country and started living in Europe.I lived in affluence, but I was pulled out of a warm, familiar nest where everything was clear to me,there were friends,everything was measured and calm,and I was happy.

    In France, I was thrown into a completely different world – I didn't understand it,I missed my home,but at first everything was relatively good.Later, in elementary school in France, the explosive cocktail of my essence (I was shy,a little cowardly,sensitive,but at the same time selfish and narcissistic) had very unexpected effects.I was never a spat-upon class outcast,but I didn't like being in the caste of those who are made fun of and sometimes bantered.I discovered Nietzsche and Palahniuk,and began a very long, painstaking transformation of myself-I lived in “fight club”and” philosophized with a hammer.”From what I was, I turned into a kid who provokes conflicts, fights in the streets, all the time is silent and does not smile,with a wild burning look.At first it was just a mask,under which everyone recognized the “real me”,then this mask stuck to my face, then it became my face.But it all cost me so much effort that it undermined my health,and now I am raking in what I have done in ten years(now I am 24).

    As a result,my philosophy has changed radically.There are three main points on which I am now trying to live(they asked me not to support them with kid quotes,but I will just quote the positions of those people who I think are closest to me now.

    1. “Do what you wilt shall be the whole of the Law,love is the law…” – a phrase by Aleister Crowley,in Thelema it is certainly interpreted in its own way,but for myself I interpret it as follows: Do what you want, do what you love.Try to make yourself happy and, if possible, make others happy.”

    Personally, I realized that I am unhappy-I bring only misery to others and even more to myself.Change yourself completely – it will not work, bend under some moral principles, listen only to the advice of others and do not think with your own head – this all leads to problems.

    1. “When fighting monsters,try not to become a monster yourself.”This is the phrase of Nietzsche that I like the most right now.I can now read both Nietzsche and Palahniuk,but I do not see them as a guide to action,because see point 1.

    When you do something,do not go to extremes, because sooner or later it will lead you to exhaustion(see Point 3, hate for misfortune, for yourself or others, see Point 1).The golden mean in everything, or almost everything.

    3.” I have a lot to do today,so instead of an hour, I will meditate for two ” – a phrase of Gandhi's that always reminds me to take care of both my mental and physical health.The more you want to do, the more rest you need.Health is really happiness,which means that you can't be happy. Point 1. Sleepless nights with booze,then grueling sports-this all helps to get rid of stress, but not for long.You need to really relax,that is, sleep, meditate,and do light sports.But again, everything comes down to point 1 – if you want to drink sometimes – I drink,if you want to run until you lose your pulse – I do it.Because I like it)

    In short, something like that.Point 1 is the main rule,and the other two reinforce the rule.

    Here is my personal philosophy at this stage of my life)

  5. During my relatively short life, one simple idea was formed, duplicated in many conclusions. “Nothing is absolute.” There are no evil people or good people: someone could have angered the evil one beforehand, but the good one may need something now. The mood changes, conditions change, people change. No need to jump to conclusions. Each event can have thousands of reasons, and it is better not to explain what happened to yourself in just one way. This way you can easily make mistakes. And if there is nothing absolute, then there is no recipe for happiness. There is no happy ending. It is necessary to seize moments of happiness and not look for reasons for them. Every moment of happiness ends at some point, so it's best to live in full awareness of your surroundings. Imprinting happiness in your memory..

  6. As much as it may sound, I consider myself a hedonist: the main thing in life is happiness and excitement, through creativity, self-knowledge and material values. I believe that the only logical goal in life is to maximize the happiness in your path for yourself and your loved ones, as there will never be another chance.

    At the same time, I am an egocentric person, and I believe that first everyone should be able to take care of their own comfort, and take care of others only in case of excess.�

    People talk about goals for the sake of a goal, altruism, love and honor, but I believe that at the end of every chain of cause and effect, the main motivation of a person is to get harmony around themselves and in their head. Even Christianity, when it called for suffering, promised its followers Paradise – a state of eternal bliss, peace and harmony, which suggests that for a long time people have set bliss as an end, while others use it as a means. �

    The entire modern system is aimed at satisfying the need for highs of individuals, which is natural for a short-lived being. So it is pointless to deny a person's need for comfort, freedom and friendship with himself.

  7. If you think carefully about this expression, you will see the absurdity contained in it.

    After studying for three and a half years at Filosovsky, I can say that there is nothing vital there. Especially with some Kant or Heidegger.

    But there is a philosophy of life, and the face of the same popular Nice at least. This is the closest thing to what can be used as a life philosophy.

    But I am not a complete pedant and bore, I understand what is meant. What is the wisdom of life, which, in particular – I, are guided in the course of this life.

    The older I get, the more I come to believe that there is no such wisdom. You always have to rely on experience and the current state of affairs. And also try to look a little beyond the experience – into the future, so as not to get another “experience”.

  8. Good question. But I never really thought about what my life philosophy was. I'll try to label it somehow, I'm sorry if it turns out to be messy.) I didn't prepare.)

    Well, first of all, I perceive all people as positive a priori. That's how I treat them until they prove otherwise, God forbid. I believe that a person should do as much good as possible in life. I consider the family, and especially children, important and necessary in life. I think that without this, a person is incomplete. I love women. I admire them. I love my people. I am proud to be Russian. This is important to me. A skeptic. Agnostic. An optimist .

  9. The meaning of life is in life itself. We, like all other living beings (animals and plants), are created only to go through the cycle of birth-life-death and no matter what happens between them. A person does not have to try to become the best of everyone and in general does not owe anything to anyone. He should just live. And then, he does it all the time, regardless of gender, race, orientation, religious beliefs, moral beliefs, place of work, environment, interests, and so on. Everyone is free to choose what they just like, and that's it. Someone is happy to be the owner of a large corporation, and someone is happy to be a housewife in a small provincial town and wash dishes, wash clothes and take care of children every day.

  10. Live yourself as you want/like and let others live the same way.

    Abandon your plans and expectations.

    Goodbye, thank you, don't be shy about your feelings.

    Live happily ever after.

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