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  1. I don't want to go into the theory of the universe or the universe, those who served in the army or dealt with demolition work or at least are familiar with earth physics understand that grenade fragments (the system does not matter) will never circle around the fuse, and what is the difference between a big bang and a lemon?

  2. All real laws of physics do not contradict each other. Our universe does not crumble and is quite balanced. 🙂 Another thing is that the laws that humanity has discovered and uses in its practice are not always accurate (there is more than enough accuracy for human needs), so sometimes laws can contradict each other (within the limits of this accuracy). Science does not stand still, scientists make discoveries, laws are revised to better match the real world. And that's great! 🙂

  3. The universe is infinite by any parameters, otherwise it simply would not exist (like us). And this means that yes-its laws are constant and perfect. And here is our physics… It's not tinsel, of course, but it's OURS. Like all science. Somewhere it is correct, somewhere it is pulled out of the left ear. But the fact is that our science is local. And I find it funny to read Einstein when he writes about the universality of the laws he formulated. Which are true in ANY coordinate system. And they don't depend on distances. This is simply self – centeredness (in the Bible – pride). We don't know ANYTHING about the universe, not even our own universe – just fairy tales. My opinion is that you should be more modest. Applied science is good, but there is no place without it. And the rest – all these multiverses, folded space, this is from the evil one (pride-egocentrism) But people have money for this nonsense (there are no other problems), let them have fun. But the last great (guru) of science, S. Hawking, wrote that all these hypotheses and theories will NEVER be proved and tested. So what? Scientists also want to eat, even if the bread is white and the caviar is red… Billions are flying into black holes.

  4. Do not rush to throw gangs, where physics, and where mysticism…

    There is a “Magic Axiom” that states that, within the limits of its meaning, each word creates, or asserts, what it means.

    This is an example of human “Magical Thinking”.

    What does that have to do with it?

    Everything is simple… WE take an apple and throw it down.

    The apple falls…

    Now, what are the laws that apply to it?

    Newton's law of universal gravitation, or the law of acceleration of falling?

    The law of Universal Gravitation, or the laws of collision with the subsequent destruction of a body, Relativity, because it does not fall anywhere relative to the universe… or not at all… Murphy's law, for someone who went out for a walk when a projectile is flying from above?

    What is the main one for these laws for apple?

    The result is a crumpled apple. This Is A Fact.

    And all the laws, their names, with their action, reaction, and hair, for old, scientific beards-THIS IS TINSEL.

  5. I can throw a stone for 10 meters, and an athlete for a hundred! This is real physics! It's all about choice: we choose those laws that do not contradict our thinking! We are donkeys-following our own thinking! Some observe the laws, others violate them! The world is reasonable, or accidental! that's the question!

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