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  1. All living beings simply use nature for their own good, without much mental suffering. Including our ancestors. Yes, many peoples had and still have customs of honoring spirits or gods, the personification of which are natural phenomena. But rituals have little to do with actually improving the ecological situation 🙂

  2. I think that with as much zeal as our modern society, our ancestors didn't use nature. Now we take more from nature than we can consume. The earth's resources are not infinite. When mining mineral water, voids form in the ground, which is fraught with a change in internal currents or a collapse of the soil, and, consequently, a change in the landscape. And there are many such examples. We are only consumers, and only a few take care of nature.

    Our ancestors loved nature, knew and remembered that their lives depended on its well-being. Our society only remembers that our well-being depends on nature. And what happens to nature interests very few people.

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