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  1. A month before my mother died, a pigeon was beating on my window. I don't need mysticism here. Tickle your nerves? What for? Be happy that your parents are still alive. This happiness doesn't last forever. That's when they're gone, that's when the mysticism begins. You will talk to the graves, because you will want to talk, and there is silence around. Appreciate what you have. That is, alive. Unfortunately, I don't have a mother or father anymore.

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  3. Mysticism is also mysticism because it is incomprehensible, unexpected, and unconventional. So if in real life something was repeated all the time, in the same way and in different people, it would not be mysticism. There are situations that are difficult to explain, and if you are not an inveterate skeptic, you will willy-nilly doubt whether something mystical was involved here. Well, someone declares every phenomenon mysticism)

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