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  1. In the ordinary sense, sophists are people who, as it seems to others, are difficult to reason on an empty topic. There is something very unsentimental about this understanding. Therefore, often when someone is called a sophist, it is just a slightly more polite way of saying:”Are you the smartest person here?

    If you take a calmer look at this term, it becomes clear that a sophist is a person capable of complex reasoning and complex rhetorical constructions. Ancient Greek teachers of the same name taught this. The negative connotation of the word arose precisely because the ability to complex reasoning is often used to troll.

    In general, openly saying that you think that the other person is trolling you is much more convincing than calling someone a sophist. Because the latter may be like admitting that you see a trick in the other person's words, but you do not have enough abilities to open the inaccuracy and point out an error.

  2. Hello, friends, sophists-the current of the times of ancient Greece. In fact, they are teachers of eloquence. Antisophists – the opposite, those who just don't bother about eloquence.

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