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  1. As a supplement, I recommend “Main Thoughts” and three letters from Epicurus himself. “Main Thoughts” and “Letter to Menekeus” are devoted to the ethics and axiology of Epicurus. “Letter to Herodotus” and “Letter to Pythocles” are devoted to physics.

  2. There are two main sources of Epicurean philosophy: 1) the corresponding section in the book of Diogenes Laertius and 2) the poem of Titus Lucretius Carus “On the nature of things”. Both exist in a good translation into Russian and are available in many online libraries. You may also be interested in Cicero's book On the Nature of the Gods, written under the unmistakable influence of the Epicureans, and Pierre Gassendi's later exposition and interpretation of Epicureanism.

    Plutarch's anti-Epicurean writings, as far as I know, have not been translated into Russian.

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