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  1. The ideal of the heroes of “Captain Fantastic” is Plato and his work “The State”, according to which” philosophical kings ” should be at the head of society: people who are developed comprehensively, and first of all-intellectually. Having decided that in modern society it is impossible to raise intellectually developed people, since everything is built on the suppression of intelligence from an early age, they go to the forest and raise their philosophical kings there separately from humanity. However, how and by whom they should rule when they grow up, if they do not have any practical knowledge about the world – this is a question that parents, obviously, never asked before the beginning of the film.

  2. “Fuck society”.

    And I'm serious, Science fiction writers live exclusively in defiance of society – they live in the forest, supply themselves, learn what they think is necessary and spit on society from a high bell tower. The film's slogan “Power to the People, Stick it to the Man” clearly illustrates this. (Although sometimes the Sci-Fi family resembles a religious cult without a Bible)

    Is such a life possible?.. Maybe. But the trick is that the lifestyle of Science Fiction Writers is harmful, and in the course of the film it becomes obvious. Children have problems with social development, they cannot communicate with people outside their circle, all their knowledge is not practical, and the very concept of” tasks ” that their father gives them (climb a steep cliff, steal food from the store, climb on the roof, steal your brother and do not kill yourself) is very dangerous.

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