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  1. Why invent a bicycle when it has already been created? So here, you should take the advice of outstanding minds of the past. For example, Pythagoras advised his disciples to ask themselves questions when they entered their homes: “What did I break? What did you do? What did you leave unfulfilled from what should be done? ” (Diog. Laert., VII, 1, 22: Porphyry in his” Life of Pythagoras ” indicates that the philosopher ordered to address such questions to himself before going to bed).

    Immanuel Kant, in a letter to K. F. Steidlin, formulated the following questions:: 1) What can I know? 2) What should I do? 3) What do I dare to hope for? 4) What is a person?

    So go for it.

  2. It's hard not to remember the wise advice of art Director Dima Sullivan from his lecture at the British School of Design: “ask yourself all the time: am I doing something bad?”

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