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  1. Signs that are inherent in all living organisms are: nutrition, respiration, movement and reproduction. If most of them are present, then there is no doubt about the presence of life.

  2. We must understand that life is a process, not a piece of matter. A living substance is a substance in which a certain process takes place.

    This process itself must carry out some kind of metabolism (exchange of matter and energy by the environment), due to which it must maintain homeostasis (local stability of conditions) in the system and, most importantly, reproduce with hereditary variability, that is, reproduce and evolve. In principle, if you create a virtual object with these properties, it can be considered alive. Maybe. In fact, it is better to think about this question for a little longer than a couple of minutes.

  3. Given that everything is made up of atoms with electrons hanging out inside, we can say that everything is alive. Everything is in motion, so everything is alive. Try hitting a rock. Sooner or later, he will catch up with you and take revenge. When you're asleep, he'll come for you.

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