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  1. To become better is to move towards the ideal. So your question goes like this:”What should be the ideal, so that it helps to move towards the ideal.” Answer: any of them. If you don't have a driving direction, you don't know where to go, so you don't know what's better and what's worse. Now this is a very common ailment, people suffer from disorientation. Therefore, it is preferable to have at least some ideal than not to have any.

  2. Let's define the concept: an ideal is an imaginary model of perfection. What's the catch?

    That an excessively high ideal can become unattainable and turn into a deity, and we don't need it. The ideal is meant to be a reference point!

    The landmark must be far away, but it must be visible and achievable in order to aim for it.�

    It should have some imperfect features, then it will be easier for us to accept it. And when we reach it, then it is worth creating a new image and continue the journey!�

  3. The one that you can't become, but you can only become.

    That is, it is a certain intentional object that gives aspiration, development-a constant goal of self-intercession.

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