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  1. There are several options here. Find a company that interests you and move on-this will give you new opportunities to promote and realize your talents and abilities. After all, sitting at home, it is very difficult to live a full life. The second option is to get very involved in something, with the goal of becoming an expert-playing on muses. tools, philosophy, craft. In fact, doing something at a serious level is the basis of life, it saves you from loneliness, boredom, and unrealization, and it can bring money if you approach monetization correctly. Many people suffer simply from the fact that they have nothing to do, now it is very difficult to develop their talents in any way – because there is no need for it. If earlier a person was taught crafts from childhood, now from childhood a person is taught to earn money, but they don't say how. The third way is to start some serious project or set some goal/goals and do everything to achieve it. The fourth method is to put yourself in a stressful position. This activates your reserves and helps you unlock your abilities. In difficult situations, a person solves problems using different methods, and it is in difficult situations that it becomes clear what strengths and weaknesses a person has.

  2. I'll suggest a way that helps me. Write down from 70 to 100 of your wishes: from simple ones to those that are currently out of reach. You don't have to do it all at once, I think it's even better to record, say, 10 pieces a day. To do this, you need to analyze yourself, your interests, and your lifestyle. After creating the list, start fulfilling your wishes from the simplest to the most difficult. Naturally, the list can be changed in the process.�

    If you have trouble identifying your interests, look at other people, those you respect for something, those you might be inspired by. What do they do? What services, decisions, and interests do you respect them for? Maybe their goals and desires will suit you as well.�

    Just a few simple tips for a useful pastime, through which, by the way, you can also determine your interests: read a lot of literature for development in general, as well as be inspired by the characters, their goals and interests (the same with movies); follow the events that interest you in the city-this is a great way to have a good time and find like-minded people; try to travel (really try to do it! chances are high that you will like it) – not necessarily outside the country, but a day trip with friends around the city is also suitable to start with (a change of environment helps to “discharge” and reset your brain, relieve some stress); as we have already written, find a job, but the main thing is that it is not boring for you (otherwise you will still understand that life passes by); and when you decide on your interests, finally find a hobby that you will love.�

    I can't say that you definitely need to look for a romantic relationship, because this is already a rather personal question, but this also helped me. In my case, relationships fill life with some meaning and sometimes give a lot of emotions (not necessarily positive, negative ones are also extremely important, because it helps to analyze yourself).�

    I probably could have written a lot more, but the first thing that came to mind was exactly what I wrote. Try it! I hope your problems are solved.

  3. There was a similar feeling, which is partly there now.

    Find a job (money is never superfluous), find a cool girl (this feeling can be caused by loneliness), in addition, take up a hobby that will be interesting to you and that will attract a certain number of new acquaintances and friends (spending time in the company is also important). Save up some money, pack the most necessary things in a backpack and wander around the country by hitchhiking, drive to Moscow Time, to St. Petersburg, to some Zazhopinski. Anarcho-travel provides a good basis and conditions for reflection, in addition, it helps to relax, get new impressions, and finally give you the opportunity to feel lively. In addition, when traveling, you don't know who you can meet, for example, due to such risky trips, I have made many new acquaintances and friends, with whom I still communicate, we go to visit each other. Well, yes, regarding a girl, in fact, this is very important when in a really serious strong relationship this feeling of emptiness is not present, although it may be individual.

  4. imagine what you think is not a waste of youth, this is how you set goals. now we need to decide what actions are needed to achieve the result. now do it step-by-step.�

    the future and the past are speculative, for you both today and in 5 years it will only be “now”. don't be afraid to try, there won't be another chance

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