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  1. Realize the conventionality of all social hierarchies, including intellectual ones. To realize the conventionality of the superiority of some cultural trends over others and of one knowledge over another. To realize the fundamental unknowability of both the world as a whole and human culture.

    Live in peace and at your own pleasure, making efforts for intellectual development in those areas in which you really want to know and be able to do more.:)

  2. I don't agree with the previous commenters. The problem really exists. Pseudo-intelligence always looks pathetic and pathetic from the outside. It is mainly caused by social origin, when a person has the desire to be like representatives of higher social classes, but at the same time it turns out to be able to borrow only certain visual attributes of the appearance, manners, and speech of people of higher social origin. And it is precisely the origin, and not the current social status, because the rising Nouveau riche by its nature will always remain an insatiable and stingy poor man. I don't think you need to give any examples.

    We don't choose our origin. Many of us want to take a higher place in life compared to our origin (and this, of course, is commendable). And on this path, you can fall into pseudo-intellectualism. To understand what's what, first you need to give some characteristic features of pseudo-intellectuals.

    1. The pseudo-intellectual boasts that he prefers only classical music, literature, and painting. If there is music, then only Mozart, Bach, Beethoven. If literature, then only the Iliad and War and Peace. If painting, then Leonardo. Of course, in reality, the pseudo-intellectual at best reads only Daria Dontsova, and listens to Mikhail Krug. Even remember the names of his favorite Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, he is unlikely to be able.

    2. Fancy speech. In England in the 1950s, a phenomenon called U English was noted (see wiki): people of high, aristocratic background spoke a simpler language than the newly risen middle class, who had to “prove” their new status (this class difference, in my opinion, is well reflected in Fowles ' novel “The Collector”). At the same time, the pretentiousness of expressions can be both “cosmopolitan” and “soil-based”.

    3. A separate point should be highlighted the use of words, the meaning of which is not quite clear, and even more so is not clear at all. Never use words like “ratification” or “apostille” if you don't know their exact meaning.

    4. Elitism of consumption. It begins to bulge when no other way to show your attitude to the elite does not work. A classic example of our days is buying expensive Apple phones and laptops for the last money, on credit, combined with a life of starvation. The same applies to sophisticated tuned SUVs, whose owners live in rotten khrushchovki.

    5. Xenophobia, chauvinism, imperialism, conspiracy theory. Psvevointellectul is always ready to tell how much he was offended by migrants, gays, Freemasons, reptilians, etc. However, the opposite situation also occurs: pseudo-liberalism (remember the recent story about Patriarch's Ponds, which exposed the true faces of many of the capital's “liberals”). Both orientations are due to the lack of a balanced position, the ability to critically adjust it based on new knowledge.

    6. Lack of self-irony. Inability to laugh at yourself, inability to forget insults and “insults”. Petty vindictiveness.

    As a result, we can say the following. You need to find the points of pseudo-intellectualism in yourself and get rid of them, albeit slowly, but inevitably. As Chekov said about how he squeezed the slave out of himself drop by drop. You also need to squeeze out ostentatious intellectuality. Don't be shy about being yourself. But at the same time, you need to strive for self-improvement. Even if you were not given a musical education as a child, even if you were not instilled a love for Beethoven. Better recognize yourself as you are and go take guitar lessons. Others will appreciate and respect you for this, while they will only despise you for showing off.

  3. Don't stop. Most likely, the reason for such a sudden imposed thought is that, knowing the vastness of the universe, you understand how its register of knowledge is huge, even limitless. This is like a beginner teaching an experienced person(the Dunning — Kruger effect is called). The experienced person realizes how far the road is still ahead, while the novice rejoices in the initial success and does not realize the “height of the mountains ahead”. An experienced person can become a master, and his despondency will disappear. It is impossible to become an intellectual master, most likely, so you should not be discouraged forever.

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