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  1. In general, it is strange to consider kveshen hipster. I'm here almost every day something new and interesting to learn about the world around me and then I have something to talk about with people, instead of all these “lol, memas, dotka, mom “loved””

  2. Just throw a smoothie in his face, or throw a falafel at him, so that he doesn't dare call you such dirty names. Hipster! Tell him he's a hipster and his father is a hipster. And my grandfather. That's a good idea, isn't it? He called me a hipster…

  3. If you and your friend are in the business lounge at this moment, first of all ask if he is overheated, if he wants a refreshing smoothie. And if you have a coworking space at this time, or even worse, team building – do not even answer anything, but explain that you have deadlines soon, and it is not worth being distracted (and TheQuestion is not a distraction, but a background). Maybe your vision isn't available to him.

    And, yes, of course, when you hear such a question, don't choke on your muffin. But, in general, it is better not to answer anything – on the part of your friend this is a total facap.

  4. I think it will suffice to say that you use one of the most informative resources on the Runet, thereby increasing your awareness of anything. While your friend remains on the side of the portal, which is an analog of Multivac. Tell him that he's doing great and defies the mainstream, that he's not like everyone else. Let him continue to masterfully ” cringe out his ignorance.

  5. Give this geek a big punch in the face, I doubt that anyone would need such stupid and short-sighted buddies who draw conclusions based on fuck know what.�

    The office humor of the flattened answers amused me immensely. It's like it's 2009.

  6. The answer should be something like this:

    Who are you calling a hipster?

    After that, a heavy lead battery is taken out of the pocket, clenched in the fist, and the person who asked this tactless question is hit directly in the bridge of the nose. Then the victim's pockets can be emptied, and the money found can be transferred as donations to the owners of TheQuestion site.�

    As a result, both a lesson for a narrow-minded young man and a benefit for good people.

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