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  1. Send boldly to yuh! because apparently you were unlucky enough to meet that rare specimen of a vegetable man who vegetates on the outskirts of the garden of life and does not have an organ that allows you to think, draw logical conclusions, generalize. It is very possible that you are looking at a zucchini with a human face, or a radish disguised as Homo sapiens, or maybe even a variety of legumes, and to answer to legumes is to shake the air in vain. So show this subhuman your back and take a decisive step away from him. Ignorance is a contagious thing .)

  2. And why try to refute it in any way? I also believe that there is no meaning in our human creation and life in general, but this does not mean that I will climb to another person with my single correct opinion and sell him my own. In the same way, I will react sharply negatively if they climb up to me and also persistently convince me that they say, you are wrong and I believe that there is still a point.

  3. And what exactly is the problem? Makes sense, doesn't make sense? The Epicureans will answer this question simply: So it happened. It just so happens that we live. It just so happens that there is pleasure in life. It just so happens that we enjoy bringing pleasure to other people. Well, let's not bother and get the most out of it, as long as it doesn't harm anyone. Why else would it make sense?

  4. As a result of metabolism, a person slowly burns and oxidizes The Planet earth as a large altar So even if he lives like a vegetable, the minimum meaning of his life is to bring energy to someone who “does not burn for anyone” and never ” burns, although he sometimes comes to earth in a body similar to a human one

  5. Ask him if there is a single object in the world that doesn't make sense. Then you will have to admit that meaning is a relative concept, and for meaning to be there, you need someone who betrays it. Reasonable? Every thing in the world has a meaning given to it by a person. Spoon — put food in your mouth. Cup — drink. Tail beaver-swim. The child's parents-to raise. People give meaning to human life. So much for the social meaning, the simplest one. After that, you can move on to the personal meaning. But in order to do this, life must begin to be considered as an object, which is not easy for the layman, to separate life from himself, to recognize the eternity of his own existence and the temporality of this particular life. The personal meaning of life as the meaning of this very life, one of the millions I have lived, its meaning is in the development of my consciousness as an eternal soul. And the next level is absolute meaning. The Lord is the only person to whom everything in this world belongs. He is the origin in the coordinate system, He is the source and He is the end. Everything that exists has meaning only for him. So you need to understand what the meaning of God is in me. Why me? What meaning does the Lord give me? This is perfection.

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