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  1. Igor Talkov's song “I will return”… Why? Igor felt his premature departure. But! – ” And defeated in battle, I will rise again and sing…”�Yes! He was physically defeated, but not broken. Moreover (!) � – �he was immortalized even by his enemies, who approved the country's holiday on his birthday. They called this holiday the day of unity, and in fact made him an eternal memory on his birthday.

  2. I think that we can consider the issue more broadly and take not only songs, but also opera arias, because if we talk about vocals, it is always better to prefer classical opera, since the most talented performers go there, and amateurs and mediocre people go to pop music, etc.

    The work itself must be brilliant in order to turn the mind around. Almirena's aria from George Frideric Handel's opera Rinaldo seems to me the most beautiful and understandable to anyone.




  3. No matter how trite it may sound, but the song with the name Cruel Angel Thesis from the anime Evangelion made a revolution in my head. If you want to understand what I'm talking about, then listen to her cover in Russian.

  4. Bone Thugs N Harmony band. First of all, the songs Tha Crossroads and Dayz of our lives. I've never heard anything like it. Very fast, soft rap, amazing overflow of voices, crazy accompaniment. I don't know how to upload it here, please Youtube or Google it.

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