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  1. A long time ago, as soon as I started living alone, I gave up TV. I hadn't looked at it before, but I just hadn't bought it for a new apartment. It seems to be nothing special, but I still encounter a surprised reaction to the phrase “I don't have a TV”.�

    And the most favorite thing is when the Internet provider calls and offers to connect TV for the next super-promotion. And you're like, ” You know, I don't have a TV.” Silence for a few seconds. �”Oh. Sorry. Goodbye.” And this is said in a very sympathetic and understanding voice. Apparently, the provider since then thinks that I live in a garage or at a bus stop.

    Five years ago, I gave up salt. And it only made the food taste better. Now I know the real taste of food.

    Now I finally stopped eating sweets, flour, milk. It took me more than a year to instill these taste habits and get rid of sugar addiction. But now I don't feel like having dessert after lunch or a muffin at night. And, you know, I've never felt/looked so good before.�

    I started putting mute on my phone for the weekend. In general, mute&unfollow are best friends. The notorious digital detox.

    I stopped going to stores and shopping centers to kill time. I go to grocery stores with a list))

    What is the general advantage of such an activity? In addition to the obvious training of willpower, it instills awareness of your diet, environment, well-being, and lifestyle. Well, no one canceled the” achievement”. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself yesterday.

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