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  1. Admittedly, I didn't read much of Nietzsche, so I took the help of the audience and asked my colleague and Nietzsche philosophy specialist from the University of San PaoloThiago Riberio. Here's what he said:

    “Nietzsche criticized rational logic as a fiction. He said that rational categories, logic, and systematization do not reflect real processes. Nietzsche believed that we need these fictions, but they are still nothing more than a fake created by man. Reality is not rational. But there is a certain” logic ” in the will to power. In this sense, it develops in accordance with the principle of “more power”, but this is an ontological principle rather than a logical one.”

  2. No, Nietzsche is an irrationalist and nihilist, for him logic is an attempt to know what does not make sense to be known.
    Therefore, Nietzsche did not build logical systems, preferring aesthetics and poetic style to them.

  3. Nietzsche developed his own philosophy – the logic of sleep. It is based on the concepts of faith and reason. Nietzsche equated faith with self-deception. Any construction in such a system is false. Nietzsche's views are based on concepts that are actively used in metaphysics

  4. Nietzsche rightly referred the subject of logic, as we have already noticed, to phantasms that have no real rational basis.
    this gentleman sang the praises of sobriety of thought, intellectual conscience, and his logic was based on the nature of a healthy person, able to understand the causes and consequences of his decisions, a kind of egocentric right of the man-god, able to show the pathetic people the right path.
    he was a warrior of the most dangerous front, fighting with himself, striving for heights that many today still cannot comprehend.

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