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  1. January 31, 2014, when my daughter was born. The next day I went to the hospital, picked her up and couldn't believe that this little lump is an extension of me. Such strong feelings I probably never experienced before.

  2. I think it's still ahead of us. In general, if you take every day and look at it more closely, you can find something good in almost all days. It's hard to single out one day.

  3. Is there really a better day? It should include a set of moments that are ideally good.

    I don't remember anything like that yet.

    There is a pleasant memory of a summer day on June 1. When my dad picked me up at my mom's for the weekend. We walked in the park, ate cotton wool, corn, and shish kebab. Then he said : “It's a pity that I don't have a camera to remember this day.”

    And I remember it without a photo)

  4. 4 years is my birthday, February, a very clear day. My mom is driving me downtown to see my dad. We drive across the bridge, and from the bus window I see huge letters of footprints on the ice of the river, �forming the only word I can read – SASHA. There is no limit to my happiness – my DAD probably did it! For me!
    On the square near Detsky Mir, my hero meets us-icicles in his beard prickle, I dodge with a laugh.�
    A lop-eared and unexpectedly heavy ” piebald dog, bought in the Children's World immediately “was renamed from Tobik to Kurzayka.
    And then, leaving Kurzayka and my mother below, we climbed the belfry of the Trinity Cathedral and looked at the city from above and at the bells, and then, when we came down ,the frozen and already angry mother threw a snowball at him and knocked off his hat, and he rolled it in the snow)))
    I don't think I've ever laughed like that in my life.
    I have had many “best days”, at least five, but this was the very first one and I remember it as if it was yesterday

  5. March 19, 2010. This is the first and last time I've kissed a woman I've loved unrequited for six years. We'll probably never be together again, and I don't think I'll be able to fall in love with anyone else like that, but hell, it was worth it;)

  6. I remember it very well, like nothing special, but I remember it for a long time.

    It's a May day in 1993, when I watched a Formula One race in the morning and just fell in love with a young German – Michael Schumacher!

    I watched the stage and drank milk from a liter mug, ate a sandwich with black caviar.

    A lot has changed since then: we moved out of that apartment, I don't digest milk anymore, black caviar is virtually unavailable (for every day, that's for sure), and Michael has become the best not only for me, but for the whole world.

    Health, my hero!

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