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  1. The purpose of the universe-this question is answered by representatives of atheism (secular humanism), Orthodoxy, Buddhism, Islam, Freemasonry, Judaism, Nihilism, Slavic paganism, theosophy, Scientology, Thelema, and Krishnaism. You first select one of the answers that are close to you, and then find out who it belongs to, and get access to video comments, as well as help on all relevant worldviews.

  2. The atheist answers. You don't have to read any more, and I'm not going to argue with anyone. This is just my opinion.

    The fact is that the human species from the very beginning strives to explain everything that surrounds it. Everything has to be for some reason and for some reason-this is how our consciousness works, we organize everything, and if there is no answer, it scares us. We are limited, as one of the respondents said, because the concept of “meaning” of something was invented by us, because in our life everything is so, everything is meaningful, but we are not everything. We live in a very small world compared to the entire universe, and we are only a local manifestation of it. This game of meanings and searches exists only in our sandbox. Objective reality has no language, concepts, or explanations – all this husk exists because there are people who invented it. Objective reality is chaotic and meaningless. I was beaten up once when I said that. Guess who! Hehehe.

  3. I'll answer as I see fit.

    Just imagine – you are alone, lying in a dark room, you can't see anything, you can't move, because you can't feel your body, there is nothing but you.

    Bored? Yes. Do you have any questions? Yes. Do you want to feel yourself? Uniquely.

    This is how God felt.

    The first thing that came to his mind was to divide into 2 parts, so that one part could look at the other. And off we went. Create darkness, so that there is light(after all, one thing is impossible without the other), small things, so that there is great, Evil and Good. Create something that is not God, so that it becomes clear what God is.(But still, absolutely everything that exists is God.)

    And in the end, he divided himself into countless souls, so that each soul lived its own experience, felt what it wanted to feel(and through each soul God would feel himself, because they are one), could say, choose to forget himself, put himself on one of the millions of planets, let's say Earth, (and I don't know, there is some movie where the main character forgets who life, all levels of the material and subtle at your choice.

    In general, you can not make a mistake – after all, any bad act hits in the direction of perfection, just as accurately as a good one. And what religions call sin is freedom of choice. After all, what sin means is a mistake. And God created the world just and regular, perfect. Nothing is a mistake – but everything is your path(you can call it the path to God). Just something leads you to happiness(this is different for everyone), and something moves you away.

    So do what you want, listen to yourself, try to become (or be, here depends on the worldview)happy. Don't worry about nothing, because you will have countless chances. You will have time to “make a mistake” and do the “right thing”.�

    And what you see now is not everything, believe me)

  4. Eco you have taken a swing at the great and global )

    Since some people are infuriated when they see the Bible answers to questions, and your question has the tag theology, I have the opportunity to answer )
    Any creation is created to express Its Creator, for example, an artist draws a canvas in order to put a little bit of his self into it, convey a message to the world, capture an image, explain the world, etc.e. So it is with the world-God created the world to express Himself – as it is said of Adam, He created It in His own image and likeness. �And just as any artist wants recognition, any athlete, actor, writer, master wants to reveal his talents to the world and wait for them to be appreciated, �so the Creator wants His creations to see all the splendor and give glory, praise on merit. He created the world for His Glory. But that's not all – this is one of the facets of the idea. The other side of the idea is that by giving free will to His creation, He gave this creation the opportunity to go its own way and it took advantage of it – and now the whole history of human life in its freedom from the Creator should serve as a lesson that it is impossible to live like this. To put it simply-the world is an experiment, experience is the son of difficult mistakes, it is a study that, like any other study, will end with good students moving to another level, and bad students will either be expelled or…. These are nuances. Another level is non-existence, in simple terms, life after life, resurrection and the Kingdom of God , that is, a more perfect world, built already taking into account past experiences and mistakes. I hope it's not difficult to write.

  5. at the moment-answer option-to create the most complex technologies, the Internet, this resource, including. And if for the sake of such questions such a difficult path was passed-apparently this is the crown of creation

  6. “There is no reason to assume that our world had any beginning at all. The idea that everything should have a beginning comes from the limitations of our thinking.” � � � � � � � � � � �

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    Difficult question. Personally,in my opinion, humanity will never be able to give an exact answer to this question. We are simply too small on a universal scale to think about it. We have to think about the small details of life. After all, life is short. So do not think about such universal questions. Just enjoy what you have.�

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