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  1. In fact, there are only the following variants of the origin of the world that I know of (in atheistic and religious thought)::

    1. The cosmos is eternal and material, self-developing without any ideal cosmic principle (metaphysical materialism, Marxism).

    2. The cosmos in general arose from nothing and will disappear into nowhere, because it makes no sense (existential atheism) or it will arise again to disappear again and all events will repeat (Nietzscheanism).

    3. The cosmos is eternal and originated on an ideal basis (Idea, world Soul) – this is pantheism.

    4. The cosmos is temporary and is generated by the non-eternal pantheistic demiurge that emerged from chaos- (Brahmanism, Hinduism).

    5. The cosmos is temporary and created by the Creator (monotheism), but in the future it will either become eternal or disappear altogether.

    6. The cosmos is generated by “infinite time” (Zoroastrianism), from which two demiurge gods, the good and the evil, emerged.

    7. The cosmos is both ideal and material, eternal and temporary, located inside and outside of opposites (Eastern religious philosophy, Taoism, some types of Buddhism).

    In my opinion, everything. So you have listed all the variants of materialism. Of course, materialists can resort to the “multiverse” (there are an infinite number of possible Universes) or to the fact that “the Cosmos existed for an infinitely long time”, but all these are just subspecies of what you previously indicated.

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