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  1. Is she chasing us?” Well, if it catches up, we will have a complete Parmenid – our being will become motionless, uniform, perfect and in the form of a ball. After all, absolute truth does not allow for any accidents, no relativities, no changes, it requires a world frozen in four-dimensional eternity, absolutely deterministic, without future or past, one within itself.

    Fortunately, for now, quantum mechanics holds its ground on the question of uncertainty, and we have a chance to escape.

  2. today, the absolute truth can only reach us in one form – in the form of a global climate catastrophe. and when that happens, we won't be in the mood for philosophy. and this will happen, according to various estimates, in the next 10-30 years. so you and I have every chance to see it.

    Therefore, I don't see any point in doing philosophical forecasting on this issue. the truth is absolute, inescapable, and likely to sweep us off the face of the earth.

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