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  1. Your body will decompose into the earth's chemical elements until it is reunited with your soul. Your soul will not die. After death, your consciousness may be like a dream. You will only awaken when body and soul are reunited so that you can live forever.

  2. If the body is completely filled with honey in an airtight container, it can survive for >2000 years. This was done to a lady in China, perfectly preserved. King Herod also kept the body of his murdered wife. If you have the money and desire, you can put the body in liquid nitrogen, such services are already provided, some believe that this increases the chances of resurrection at the future level of scientific development. Some people order a burial service on the sea floor: the ashes are mixed with concrete, from which they make elements that serve as the basis for growing corals. Some of whose ashes have already been sent into space. In India, the poor simply ” let ” the dead down the Ganges River, where they regularly meet. In Tibet, they feed the bodies to birds


    In Indonesia, they dig up dead relatives to change their clothes.


    There is a choice.

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